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The Challenges Faced By Rural Management Institutes In India

Management Institutes in Rural

Management institutes in India have been increased many folds in the last decade. It is also the need for a growing Indian and World business scenario. Management institutes in the cities are comparatively in a comfortable position as compared to those in rural areas. Rural Institutes are witnessing many differences and challenges while dealing in […]

Classroom Management: How To Deal With Impolite Students?

Classroom Management

As a teacher classroom management is the role that we’ve been entrusted with is to teach. The profession of teaching has always been considered as a noble one; the reasons though have been for different purposes. Teaching is not merely about being a teacher but it’s a process of sharing what one has learned and learning what one can be. Most of the students that we come across are not looking for a teacher but are longing and seeking for an educator. You can only claim to be in a noble profession if you’ve chosen that you will be an educator, and if you’ve decided that you will be a teacher then you are in a profession that pays your bills.

Design Education in India

design education

Introduction The application of design in India is decades old. India with its rich culture and a well-established craft tradition always had art and design in every asp ect of lifestyle. The rituals, practices and festivals in India are all design expressions, with a profound purpose behind them. These traditions and crafts provide wonderful scrim […]

NAAC- A Step For Making Our Education System Better


UGC Has Announced That Every Institution Must Get NAAC Accreditation By 2022.   NAAC- An Introduction NAAC is the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is an autonomous body funded by the UGC. The main purpose of NAAC is to accredit or give accreditation to higher education. NAAC aims for quality in higher education.  There […]

Five Major Tips To Become A Better Professor In Business School


Dr. Pankaj Kumar Ph.D. (Performance Management Systems), MBA (HR/OB) Nowadays, there is the increasing number of Business Schools are opening in India, where many Professors are employed. Presenting yourself as a better professor is also a difficult task because every professor is capable to do it himself, but in a business school, mainly five tips […]

ENGINEERING : The Road Taken By Many Indians

Dr. Shrihari Prakash Honwad Pro Vost at MIT World Peace University If you are guiding someone or know someone who’s going to pursue Engineering, then I’d suggest you take our advice. Read onto the recent Indian Engineering history and the employability of graduates in India. Indian Engineers dates back to prehistoric times up to 6,000 […]

Three Things To Make A Good Teacher

good teacher

  Professor (Dr.) Trilok Kumar Jain —– NAAC ACCREDITED A GRADE  —–   DIRECTOR, ECOSYSTEM FOR INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (EIE) (an SGVU  initiative to promote Innovations and Entrepreneurship) Principal, SGVU Academic Staff College (GV-ASC) Professor and Dean, International School of Business Management (ISBM)  Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur, India   Teaching is the best profession in […]

Gap Between our Education System and Industry

Prof.(Dr.) Anish Gupta Asstt. Dean Academics Editor | Amity Journal of Computational Sciences Read on our article on the emerging gap between our education system and industry by Prof.(Dr.) Anish Gupta, Asstt. Dean Academics at Amity University If we look in today’s scenario, we will find there is a tremendous downfall in our existing education system. Generally, we used […]

“OOC”Out of College Youth , Human Capital and Higher Education

Power To  Empower Youth Through Quality Higher Education Dr. Sudhir Gavhane Director, National Outreach & Network Former Dean, Liberal Arts, Science & Commerce MIT-World: Peace University, Pune, India Read on our article by Professor Dr Sudhir Gavhane explaining ” OOC ” YOUTH , HUMAN CAPITAL AND HIGHER EDUCATION  and imparting Power To  Empower Youth Through Quality […]