Classroom Management: How To Deal With Impolite Students?

Classroom Management
e”In our pursuit of greatness, we often open doors to a shift in our morals. We fail to stay grounded and chase a shadow of who we could be….”

As a teacher classroom management is the role that we’ve been entrusted with is to teach. The profession of teaching has always been considered as a noble one; the reasons though have been for different purposes. Teaching is not merely about being a teacher but it’s a process of sharing what one has learned and learning what one can be. Most of the students that we come across are not looking for a teacher but are longing and seeking for an educator. You can only claim to be in a noble profession if you’ve chosen that you will be an educator, and if you’ve decided that you will be a teacher then you are in a profession that pays your bills.

1. The Analogy

To deal with the impolite students in our classroom and to manage them it requires us to know the classroom fully well.

Let’s compare this using an analogy. Imagine walking into a library and seeing that it is unorganized. The only thing that you’d wish for is if it were organized based on the genre, it would be convenient for you to access. Now, what if you were the librarian in charge?

You would do everything in your power to make sure that whoever walks into the library has easy access to read and study.

Classroom Management

Your classroom is like a library that you are responsible for. Organizing the students based on their needs is extremely important. But then, you can never fully be prepared for what is out there, can you?

The impolite students in your classrooms are like the periodical section that changes and surprises you at their own convenience. You know they exist and will come at you day in and day out but are never fully sure about what they bring along. They cannot be categorized under a specific genre but will fit them all. It is important to keep classroom management and organized every single day based on their needs.

2. The Classroom Management Process

Keeping things organized on a daily basis requires a set of rules that we need to apply to ourselves to be able to manage the unexpected. These are some of the regulations that will go a long way in making sure that we are equipped enough to manage the impolite students in our classrooms.

Set Precedence

It is important to make our students see that they are our priority. Not the academics or the syllabus that we have to complete but them. Sometimes in an effort to fulfill our goals we fail and neglect our real purpose. 

In a Classroom students need to believe that we do not see them as a casualty. The moment they think we see them as one, insecurity kicks in and they will retaliate to prove that they are not weak and thus will respond in a manner to prove that they are stronger. Any behavior driven by insecurity is often a destructive one.

Children are exposed to so much these days and the expectations placed on them keep mounting as years roll by and when they feel that they cannot live up to those expectations they begin to believe that they are a loose cannon that’s about to go off at any given moment. They begin to believe that they are a casualty. Their behavior from then on is to prove a point, but they are not sure what it is that they are trying to prove. That is exactly why to start things right we need to constantly remind our students that they are our priority in our classrooms and that we do not view them as a casualty.

“Realization doesn’t mark the loss of time but the gain that you have much more to do.  It is catalyzed by the positive spirit of tailoring your actions towards a good deed.”

Celebrate Diversity

Classroom Management

Just like the contents in the newspaper and magazines that are neatly placed in the periodical sections, our classroom comes with a diverse set of talents, interests, expectations, and ambitions.

Catering to such diversity is a hard commitment and making sure that we do not expect the same results from every individual is important. Keeping this in mind it is essential to encourage them in their shortcomings and never to compare their results. Comparing tends to leave a dark spot in the minds of the students as they might not feel comfortable being asked to produce a result that they are not capable of producing. The response towards this will either make them completely go on a dormant mode or they will switch on the destructive mode. Either way, they stop respecting the demands and come out as more than just impolite.

So, we need to prepare ourselves in a manner that we are capable of seeing the difference and not expect the equity in terms of results. We need to celebrate the diversity in our classroom and cater to the needs of our students individually.

“Embrace the brokenness, shelter the hopeless and in that oneness let’s learn to celebrate life”

A Guided Purpose | Classroom management

Classroom Management

As an educator, it is our responsibility to see to it that our students possess the knowledge and are aware of knowing why they are, where they are. Many a time they fail to realize the importance of the education that is being granted towards them. They do not have a purpose. An action without a purpose is more tiresome and will die down. Our students merely exist in our classroom without a purpose. Trying to break through to such students, without a purpose to hold on to will only instigate a behavior that is hard handling. Children see, children, observe and then they learn. Our behavior should be in a manner that they believe that we are here to guide them build a purpose and not question their lack of it.

That being said we should be cautious in making sure that the purpose we help them build is made out of their interests and talents. We are not to teach them how to survive but to show them how to thrive. Purpose-Driven learning will keep our students focused on the bigger picture and not lose faith with small setbacks.

“The destiny that you’ve envisioned might be a lot closer than it appears. Letting  your identity be clouded by your mistakes and the judgment of others can only erase the path towards that destiny”

To sum things up it is mandatory that our students believe that they are our priority, their differences are seen as unique and will be celebrated and that we are here to help them build a purpose and carry forward. These simple regulations are no guarantee towards stopping impolite behavior but it is a sure antidote towards managing them. Equipping ourselves to be educators that students seek for is a fruit-bearing harvest. Thats why classroom management as a profession of teaching.

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Prof. Blessing Calvin G S

Prof. Blessing Calvin G S

Master’s in Applied Psychology
Student Counsellor at the Vellore Institute of Technology

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