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Higher Education Systems of India and Malaysia – Similarities and Disparities

Higher Education Systems of India and Malaysia

Sandeep Kautish Professor & Dean – Academic Affairs LBEF Campus. Kathmandu Read on our article by Dr. Sandeep Kautish, Dean of Academics at Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF Campus) reflecting his insights on the Higher Education Systems of India and Malaysia  and the Similarities and Disparities both these systems share with each other India and […]

Emerging Global IT Trends

Global IT Trends

Jerry Luftman Founder, Professor, and Managing Director Global Institute for IT Management Read on our article by Dr Jerry Luftman, Professor & Managing Director of Global Institute for IT Management, bringing his insights into the emerging Global IT Trends Institutional management in the field of Higher Education has undergone major evolution over the decades and […]

Women Empowerment and the Role of Education

Women Empowerment

Dr. MK Vajpayee Educationist Co-Chairman, Assocham National Council on Education, Delhi Read in our article about Women Empowerment and the role of education in achieving it in an exclusive article by M.K Vajpayee and co-written by Vishal Sood, Professor of Management. Education can help to uplift the status of Indian women in our complex society. […]

Higher Education in India – Quality through collaboration of Academics and Industry

Higher Education in India

Dr. Vinay Kandpal Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business (SoB) University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Read our article about the Higher Education in India in the light of maintaining Quality in the curriculum through the collaboration of Academics and Industry in an exclusive article by Dr Vinay Kandpal Professional colleges are the feeders […]