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Challenges In Higher Education In India

higher education in india

It is our 73rd year of freedom still our education system has not grown completely. We are not ready to list a solitary college in the top 100 universities in the world. Different governments changed during these six decades. But none of them are able to tackle the challenges in higher education in India. They attempted to help the Problems of Higher Education in India and actualized different education approaches however they were not adequate in put a model for the universe.

Tackling Political Interference In Higher Education

political interference

In 2014 elections that cleared the Congress government out of power and established Narendra Modi, a proposition was made to build up to two universities in the Rae Bareily parliamentary constituency of Congress pioneer Sonia Gandhi—one a flying establishment and the other a ladies’ university. This is one more case of political interference over sound educational planning in Indian higher education.

Challenge Of Enrollment In Higher Education

enrollments in higher education

One of the key goals of India’s draft National Education Policy is to build the gross enrollment ratio (GER) in higher education to in any event 50 percent by 2035. Since the current GER remains at simply 26.3 percent, multiplying it in the following 15 years will involve noteworthy arranging, change, and supported usage. Right […]

In India, It Is Brain-Drain, Not Brain-In-Drain


A few days back, I had, on the social media platform, a short debate over the issue of brain-drain with a retired bureaucrat, now a prominent strategic writer, with my forceful assertion that it costs India a lot, and therefore, it should not be allowed to happen. He straight asked me, “Whether you would prefer […]

Evaluating Indian Higher Education System From Ground Zero

ground zero

“There is an urgent need to evaulate Indian Higher Education from ground zero to curb the gap between the Industry and Education Sector” – Eknath T. Bayas India is a developing country with ample human resources available. With 1.2 billion-plus population how much of these resources are effectively used is the billion-dollar question! The same […]

Challenges In Higher Education Sector

challenges in higher education sector

Higher education allows one to pursue a career that interests and inspires them. Higher job satisfaction also comes from higher income, better employment benefits, and more advancement opportunities to the young generations. The higher education system in the country is the building block of the community and society. All the policymakers and the money men […]

Challenges Faced In Accreditation Of Higher Education Institutes

challenges faced in accreditation

Today, higher education faces more challenges and questions about its performance especially when it to accreditation Because of more noteworthy requests from citizens, who need to be certain the specialists that treat them, the architects that assemble their urban communities and the scholastics that propose their arrangements are acceptable; the public sector, compelled to dole […]

The Odisha Government Free Colleges From Influence Of Politicians

Odisha Colleges

The higher education department of Odisha declared in a notice that the governing bodies or overseeing boards of trustees of all non-government helped degree colleges have been broken up with the exception of self-ruling universities and universities set up by minority networks. The Odisha government on Friday broke up the governing collections of all non-government […]