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Use Advanced Technology to Keep Your Content Unique

Use Advanced Technology to Keep Your Content Unique (1)

What else are you supposed to do when you want to purchase a specific item or service? You go to Google (or some other search engine) and put in what you’re searching for. Then you’re left with a lot of material – blog posts, blogs, white papers, eBooks, clips, and more – each attempting to give you some meaning.

Top 16 Digital Platforms Of Remote Teaching And Learning

Digital Platforms

I, along with my senior colleague from engineering faculty Prof. Dr. Abhay Kulkarni from MGM University Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, has compiled select digital platforms of remote Virtual Classrooms teaching and E-learning, which can be experimented at any institution level.

Challenges In Higher Education In India

higher education in india

It is our 73rd year of freedom still our education system has not grown completely. We are not ready to list a solitary college in the top 100 universities in the world. Different governments changed during these six decades. But none of them are able to tackle the challenges in higher education in India. They attempted to help the Problems of Higher Education in India and actualized different education approaches however they were not adequate in put a model for the universe.

10 Things To Create Miracle Relationship between Teacher And Student

Relationship between Teacher and Student

The learning potential of every student in the classroom can be maximized if they share a strong bond. Only the best teachers understand that the key to unlocking student potential is by developing respectful, positive relationships with their students beginning on the first day of the college or school. It can be both challenging and time-consuming, to build a trusting relationship with your students. It is only with time that Great teachers become masters at it.

The Impact Of Globalization In India

The Impact Of Globalization In India

Today Technology has, in fact, widen and reduce access to education. It has changed the way people use to perceive business and education in particular. We are living in a period where the business world is rapidly changing. The knowledge-driven and information centered economy is pushing business to innovate and come up with new business plans and capabilities. Impact and causes of globalization in India is one of the most dominant forces facing by higher education in the 21st century.

10 Best oldest University in India | The Oldest University in India

Top 10 oldest universities in India

Today’s era of modernization has not only inclined the upcoming generations toward western cultures but has also grown their high hopes for India’s Education System as well. And of course, western universities are acquiring more popularity because of their advanced infrastructure.

How To Use Virtual Classes Effectively?

Virtual Classroom

Attending virtual classes at the comfort of one’s living room saves many hours that could otherwise be used to commute forth and back to classes on campus.

Apart from the basic advantages and benefits of a virtual classroom, here are some ways to use a virtual classroom effectively.

Indian Pharmacy Education: A Urge For Strategic Reforms

pharmacy education

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. According to this, healthcare professionals play a major role in striving for pharmacy education.

Blended Learning: An Encompassing Overview

Blended Learning

Blended Learning has become a dominant expression associated with modern E-Learning methods, these days. The eloquence of terming the method as Blended Learning rests on the notion of a combined methodology that consists of both traditional classroom techniques and the independent modes of self-learning. The specialty of this blended method lies in its creativity and hybridism transcending the rigid margins of structured learning.