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Use Advanced Technology to Keep Your Content Unique (1)

Use Advanced Technology to Keep Your Content Unique

What else are you supposed to do when you want to purchase a specific item or service? You go to Google (or some other search engine) and put in what you’re searching for. Then you’re left with a lot of material – blog posts, blogs, white papers, eBooks, clips, and more – each attempting to […]

Assessment Strategies

Assessment Strategies For Effective Learning

Assessment Strategies Learning is an integral part of our life. In a classroom, it becomes a demanding process. It requires active participation from both ends. This continuous involvement is necessary to produce effective results. The entire learning process needs to be verified at regular intervals. It will allow us to generate good results. Furthermore, these […]

education system

Changing Face of Education System; A Subjective Observation

We have been watching our education system heading towards a track where it is growing, yet faces major challenges to cope up with the new normal of 2020. The pandemic has rattled the globe and has made it difficult for us to achieve tasks.  The health crisis has not only just affected the economy, but […]


In India, It Is Brain-Drain, Not Brain-In-Drain

A few days back, I had, on the social media platform, a short debate over the issue of brain-drain with a retired bureaucrat, now a prominent strategic writer, with my forceful assertion that it costs India a lot, and therefore, it should not be allowed to happen. He straight asked me, “Whether you would prefer […]


Educators: The Unsung Heroes of The Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the face of heroes these days, and one of those ‘Heroes’ is our academicians. The ongoing health crisis has been a difficult period for teachers across the globe. It can’t be denied that it is a task in itself for teachers to switch to the virtual model of learning, and […]


An Overarching Vision For Education In India – National Education Policy 2020

Introduction The education policy refers to programs and guidelines based on the purpose of the educational administrators, forming a plan on how to conduct learning for students. The National Education Policy (NEP) is a policy prepared by the government to foster education amongst the citizens of India. The policy envelopes elementary education to college in […]

new education policy

New Education Policy For Fast Changing Business Environment

After a long 34 years, new education policy has been now announced by the Government of India. Once again, the focus has shifted to education and maybe, therefore, the Ministry of Human Resource Department will be renamed as ‘Ministry of Education’. The ever-changing fast business environment required a complimenting education policy and it appears that […]

higher education

National Education Policy 2020 To Empower Indian Education System

To revamp all aspects of the Indian education system and bring it closer to the best global standards, the Government has approved the much-awaited New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 on July 29, 2020. After all, education is the most effective medium of progress and development with critical and mathematical thinking among the students. Being a needonomist […]

politics as career

Politics As Career For Youth In Democratic India

I read the exclusive interview on Eduvoice titled ‘Transforming Youth into Leaders” of Prof. Debashis Chatterjee Director, IIM, Kozhikode by Ms. Sujata Mehta with interest and deeply motivated to share my views on ‘Politics as a career for youth in democratic India’ which I developed during my stay in RGNIYD. To strengthen democratic India in the […]