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Challenges In Higher Education In India

higher education in india

It is our 73rd year of freedom still our education system has not grown completely. We are not ready to list a solitary college in the top 100 universities in the world. Different governments changed during these six decades. But none of them are able to tackle the challenges in higher education in India. They attempted to help the Problems of Higher Education in India and actualized different education approaches however they were not adequate in put a model for the universe.

Indian Pharmacy Education: A Urge For Strategic Reforms

pharmacy education

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. According to this, healthcare professionals play a major role in striving for pharmacy education.

Tackling Political Interference In Higher Education

political interference

In 2014 elections that cleared the Congress government out of power and established Narendra Modi, a proposition was made to build up to two universities in the Rae Bareily parliamentary constituency of Congress pioneer Sonia Gandhi—one a flying establishment and the other a ladies’ university. This is one more case of political interference over sound educational planning in Indian higher education.

Challenge Of Enrollment In Higher Education

enrollments in higher education

One of the key goals of India’s draft National Education Policy is to build the gross enrollment ratio (GER) in higher education to in any event 50 percent by 2035. Since the current GER remains at simply 26.3 percent, multiplying it in the following 15 years will involve noteworthy arranging, change, and supported usage. Right […]

Changing Face of Education System; A Subjective Observation

education system

We have been watching our education system heading towards a track where it is growing, yet faces major challenges to cope up with the new normal of 2020. The pandemic has rattled the globe and has made it difficult for us to achieve tasks.

PM Narendra Modi To Deliver Inaugural Address On NEP 2020

NEP 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be delivering an inaugural address through video conferencing in this conclave. This is going to be the first time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak on the New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 which was released on 29th July 2020.

India’s Education Regulators To Create Online Courses In Liberal Arts

courses liberal arts

India’s education regulators are planning to design new online courses in liberal arts. The NEP has highlighted that the awareness of ‘knowledge of many arts’ or what in modern times is often regarded as the ‘liberal arts’ must be brought back to the Indian education system, as it is the prime requisite for the 21st century.

Creating Better Educational Institutes With Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Neeraj Kumar Sharma

The current scenario of the education industry looks promising. Though with a decline in good quality and senior professors; it can be a threat. Hence we need to understand how we can maintain this quality of education. In an interview we had with Mr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma, who is Director At Harlal Institute Of Management And Technology, Greater Noida; he explained various key points for the decline in quality and suggested some measures on how we can maintain them.

VP Venkaiah Naidu: Need To Impart Value-Based Education

value-based education

The All Indian Essay Event is being organized for 28 years, at the launch, Venkaiah Naidu said “The All India Essay Event being held for 28 years now is a truly commendable work by the team of Heartfulness in promoting the awareness for value-based education”

360DigiTMG Hyderabad Data Science Review 2021

360DigiTMG Hyderabad Data Science Review in 2021

If you wish to build a rewarding and successful career in the world of Data Science, the Data Science Course in Hyderabad offered by 360DigiTMG is the way to go. With a well-structured and lucid flow of the lectures, grasp the comprehension of core technologies.  The Secret Behind Data Science Courses from 360DigiTMG These days, […]