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What MNC’s are looking for Collaboration with Universities with Prof. Peter Grindrod

Prof. Grindrod

We are part of a competitive world, and there are spaces where a lot is expected these days from a student, whether its academic excellence or being extremely skillful. Talking about the varied approaches made by companies to collaborate with universities on a global level, is something to ponder upon. 

A Deep Dive Into Product Management With Mr. Syril Thomas

It doesn’t matter how good the marketing team of an organization is or how perfect its customer service is, because at the end of the day what matters the most is what that company is selling or producing. If the product management of an organization is not the best-selling product then it is basically of no use.

Creating Better Educational Institutes With Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Neeraj Kumar Sharma

The current scenario of the education industry looks promising. Though with a decline in good quality and senior professors; it can be a threat. Hence we need to understand how we can maintain this quality of education. In an interview we had with Mr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma, who is Director At Harlal Institute Of Management And Technology, Greater Noida; he explained various key points for the decline in quality and suggested some measures on how we can maintain them.