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A Deep Dive Into Product Management With Mr. Syril Thomas

It doesn’t matter how good the marketing team of an organization is or how perfect its customer service is, because at the end of the day what matters the most is what that company is selling or producing. If the product management of an organization is not the best-selling product then it is basically of no use.

How To Get Into Business Development With Mr. Kanwar Preet Singh?

get into business development

“In Business Development, organizations look for candidates who are ambitious, great at interacting & good at resolving conflicts” – Kanwar Preet Singh It doesn’t matter if it is a small business or a big one because the ultimate goal is the growth of business and business development. That is what motivates an organization to move […]

Stepping Stones Of Digital Marketing With Mr. Anmol Singh Sidana

“Working under the guidance of seniors & self-learning are the two major factors that helped me to grow in Digital Marketing.” – Anmol Singh Sidana The world has progressed & everything has shifted from analog to digital. For any organization to stand among the others, a strong digital strategy is a must. Google and Facebook […]

Everything About Robotics With Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra


The rate at which the technology has developed is tremendous. There is a walking machine out there in the market that obeys commands and also has an infinite amount of information and solution to one’s problem.  Once Bill Gates said, “Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic as compared to today.” It […]

A Deep Dive Into Game Development With Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya

 Players only play the game but the developers live it through. Game development is one of the most creative, exciting, and yet challenging fields as it can leave both a negative or positive impact on the user. Gone are those times when gaming was just for fun or pleasure.  Now gaming has taken a higher […]

Exploring Business Development With Mr. Shashwat Mittra

To establish any business a perfect plan is required, but to keep it stable, a well-advanced Business Development plan is required, which not only brings stability to the business but also helps the organization to reach new heights. There is one such sector that only works for this proposal, it is Business Development. The sector functions to […]

The Subtle Art of Human Resource Management With Mrs. Annapurna A

Out of all the resources, the most vital resource of any organization is its Human Resource, and managing them is always a big task. Their needs and wants are to be taken into consideration to ensure that they stay loyal and can perform effectively and efficiently. “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat […]

How To Make A Career In Artificial Intelligence With Mr. Utpal Chakraborty?

It would be wrong if we say that our lives have not become much easier since the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. AI has reached every part of the society from  Alexa to Siri, from automatic cars to robot waiters, it has now become a part of everyone’s daily lives.  Human intelligence has created so many […]

How To Fetch A Good Career In Data Science With Mr. Harsh Jain

We are currently living in the world full of data, as this is an era of Artificial Intelligence where facts and figures are everywhere. Earlier we had statisticians who were appointed by the companies so that they could analyse the statistics and help them in making the most profitable decisions for company. This phenomenon gave birth to […]