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Making Indian Education System Robust To Covid-19 Crisis

robust education system

More than 210 countries and territories in the world are facing an unprecedented crisis due to CoronaVirus Disease (Covid-19).  The pandemic declared by the WHO has created an environment of total chaos, fear, and uncertainty. Given the human to human transmission of the virus, the Indian education system has come to a halt. It is imperative to devise mechanisms, which are resilient and robust enough to sustain such a crisis towards carrying out teaching and learning and examination related functions in the academic institutions.

COVID-19: The Emergence Of New Innovations In Teaching Methods

Teaching methods

COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. The education sector is observing a major disruption due to the closure of educational campuses. The mandatory and precautionary methods to stop the spread of the disease is social distancing and lockdown.

Is Pandemic an Opportunity to Revamp Online Learning?

online learning in pandemic

In the pandemic situation, e-learning or online education is the only solution we have. Even in the situation of a pandemic the learning of the students must not stop. To cater to this problem online learning became mandatory in the pandemic. Isn’t it amazing how this much-undervalued way of learning has occupied 70% of classroom […]

UGC Vice-Chairman: Teachers Can Not Be Replaced With Technology


India ought not to make the education system programmed as innovation couldn’t supplant teachers, cautions Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, UGC Vice-Chairman, University Grants Commission at the IIHMR’s driven online course here on Sunday.

High Time For Academics To Prepare For Unlocking In New Normal


Academic institutions of the country are closed since the last week of March 2020. The likelihood of COVID-19 infection spread in the students, teachers & staff has kept them closed even when the unlocking has begun. The teaching-learning processes in educational institutions depend largely upon human interactions. The public speaking by teachers in the class, […]