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enrollments in higher education

Challenge Of Enrollment In Higher Education

One of the key goals of India’s draft National Education Policy is to build the gross enrollment ratio (GER) in higher education to in any event 50 percent by 2035. Since the current GER remains at simply 26.3 percent, multiplying it in the following 15 years will involve noteworthy arranging, change, and supported usage. Right […]


Virtual Classroom- Need Of The Hour

Within a virtual classroom, teachers and students can not only communicate and interact, but also view and discuss presentations, and engross with learning resources all in an online setting. A virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where students can study, learn, gain and grow through an online medium. Within a virtual classroom, teachers […]

Virtual Classroom

How To Use Virtual Classes Effectively?

Attending virtual classes at the comfort of one’s living room saves many hours that could otherwise be used to commute forth and back to classes on campus. Apart from the basic advantages and benefits of a virtual classroom, here are some ways to use a virtual classroom effectively. Sharing Video Lectures Organizations and institutes who […]

political interference

Tackling Political Interference In Higher Education

In 2014 elections that cleared the Congress government out of power and established Narendra Modi, a proposition was made to build up to two universities in the Rae Bareily parliamentary constituency of Congress pioneer Sonia Gandhi—one a flying establishment and the other a ladies’ university. This is one more case of political interference over sound […]

challenges faced in accreditation

Challenges Faced In Accreditation Of Higher Education Institutes

Today, higher education faces more challenges and questions about its performance especially when it to accreditation Because of more noteworthy requests from citizens, who need to be certain the specialists that treat them, the architects that assemble their urban communities and the scholastics that propose their arrangements are acceptable; the public sector, compelled to dole […]

Challenges in Higher Education in India

Challenges In Higher Education In India

It is our 73rd year of freedom still our education system has not been grown completely. We are not ready to list a solitary college in the top 100 universities in the world. Different governments changed during these six decades. But none of them are able to tackle the challenges in higher education in India. […]

Video Lessons

How To Use Video Lessons In Classroom

Utilizing video lessons inside the classroom has a reasonable piece of science included. If you are unconscious of what video could do in your classroom, how it could raise your student’s scholastic achievement and what kinds of video you could use in the classroom, at that point this blog could edify you. The research evaluates […]

Social Media in Classroom

6 Ways You Can Use Social Media In Classroom

Advantages Of Social Media In Education Social media and technology are vital pieces of day by day life and incorporating the utilization of these into the classroom is more normal than previously, given how adjusted numerous students are to them. Every social media stage offers various approaches to be utilized in the classroom, from sharing […]

Education Budget India

Education Budget India 2020 Gets ₹99,300 Crores Allocation

The Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman dispensed ₹99,300 crores to the education budget including ₹3,000 crores for the expertise improvement activities – as she declared the Union Budget on February 1, 2020. This is a ₹4,500 crores ascend from a year ago where the administration allotted ₹94,800 crores towards the education finance — concentrating […]