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Digital Devices And Education In The New Normal

Digital Devices And Education

It is time to applaud the governance for accepting the ground realities of inequitable access to online education and evolving a road map to negotiate this digital divide in the country. Kudos for envisaging a huge investment of Rs. 60K crores for providing nearly 40% of the total students in higher education institutions (HEIs) with […]

Digital Divide: A Deterrent In Online Education

digital divide

Digital Divide – Unanticipated lockdown across the country to curtail the COVID19 has affected all walks of life. The lockdown happening for the first time is yielding varying experiences to the citizen of the country. Along with different sectors, the higher education sector has also felt the dent due to the discontinuance of the teaching-learning […]

High Time For Academics To Prepare For Unlocking In New Normal


Academic institutions of the country are closed since the last week of March 2020. The likelihood of COVID-19 infection spread in the students, teachers & staff has kept them closed even when the unlocking has begun. The teaching-learning processes in educational institutions depend largely upon human interactions. The public speaking by teachers in the class, […]

Why Academics Should Not Panic For Online Education In This Pandemic?


Worldwide pandemic COVID19 led to sudden closure in the country bringing everything at a halt. The screeching stoppage of academic activities has created ripples in the education sector and its’ ancillary sectors. The buzz word of online education started ringing across the nation and wide-ranging activities nucleated around it. The concern for offering education to […]

Why Do Indians Seek Education Abroad?

Indians Abroad

Indians getting educated abroad has been prevalent for quite long and there have been various reports indicating the increase in these numbers in certain countries housing the top universities of the world. The Indian students go abroad to pursue degree courses at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level along with some non-degree programs.  Looking at the […]

Higher Education Institutions Captivating High Achievers As Teachers

higher education institution

The world’s third-largest higher education system of India is presently catering to 37.4 million students through 14.16 lac of teachers with a gross enrolment ratio of more than 26.3. The average pupil-teacher ratio (PTR)  staggering around 26 is quite low as compared to this ratio in the world’s best Universities with respect to teaching which […]

All About Student Movements

Ivy College

Institutions of higher learning have been witnessing the turmoil on various accounts from time immemorial but the increasing frequency of such occurrences inevitably draws attention. The potential of student movements has a glorious history of the national movements contributing to the country’s independence as well as many social reforms. Without prejudice to anything, the recent […]

A Perspective on Ranking in Higher Education

ranking in higher education

Education is the perennial need of society and extremely essential for sustenance and up-gradation of civilization. This broader term of education can be stratified based on differently targeted levels of learning like primary education, secondary education, higher secondary education, and higher education.  Among these different levels, higher education is the one that majorly facilitates critical […]

Alarm For Indian Education System: The Coaching Concept

Coaching Institute

For quite some time the education system and coaching have become synonymous due to the two going together for the learners in every level of education. Every student’s desire for coaching shows that the prevailing education system is contingent on the coaching. It has led to the menacing evolution of the coaching system as an […]

Quality Assurance in Higher Education – All Statistics you Should know.

Higher Education

Higher education in the country is catered by more than 40000 colleges of affiliated or constituent or autonomous type with around 900 Universities of affiliating or non-affiliating or deemed type. Indian higher education providers are regulated under the umbrella framework of University Grants Commission (UGC). The Universities and deemed to be Universities possess the statutory […]