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Is Pandemic an Opportunity to Revamp Online Learning?

In the pandemic situation, e-learning or online education is the only solution we have. Even in the situation of a pandemic the learning of the students must not stop. To cater to this problem online learning became mandatory in the pandemic. Isn’t it amazing how this much-undervalued way of learning has occupied 70% of classroom learning? Also, it won’t be of much amaze if the online-mode of learning replaces traditional pedagogy.

Can we have another alternative of pedagogy?

As we know there is no way we can have another solution to this issue. But there is always a scope of improvement which soever the mode of learning is it. In this situation where e-learning is mandatory, we can favorably look for ways to humanize online academics.

Current Scenario of Online learning in Pandemic

Colleges, universities, and educational institutions are coming up with plans and schemes based on the old ones. They are claiming to courses being redesigned and they’re using the modern methodology for pedagogy but that isn’t the case. The online mode of learning in this pandemic they are following is much in the same old format, with the same old pedagogy and brutal scheme of evaluation and elimination of students. There are universities and colleges that are planning to ensure compulsory attendance in online classes too.

And there is an ominous idea of devising a way to penalize the students with low attendance as well. It is hardly a plan for an actual educational relationship between teachers and students in a difficult time. Instead, it is a plan to shift a system of fear and anxiety online and perpetuate an oppressive model of education.

Why it is crucial to renovate online learning?

The traditional pedagogy was more parts based on merely cramming and completing the tasks targeted to pass the exams or land into desired jobs. The whole education system required much-needed upgrading. Everybody felt the need. Many spoke against it but denied alternatives ended up settling with the prevailing system. Now when we have started utilizing the pandemic phase as an opportunity to change the mode of learning, attention should be given to the pain points of the system as well. And not just taking online learning as a complete replacement of classroom education.

There are many cases of mental health issues coming into light. There is a substantial increase in the no. of mental and psychological stress. Many cases of suicides and other kinds of menacing oppression or stress have occurred during the lockdown. Among other things we have realized that it is crucial to keep socio-cultural life on track. Moreover, it helps and creates an environment that provides us the strength to deal with awful situations resulting out of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Jiddu Krishnamurthy (a profound philosopher of education) said, ‘merely cramming a child with a lot of information, enabling to pass examinations and be employable, does not amount to education’.

This further validates the requirement of revamping education in the online mode. The pandemic demands the consideration and self-critical approach towards work, life. Also, demands valuable guidance from everyone, including teacher and students.

Could the educational institutions of India use this pandemic phase as an opportunity and deliver a pedagogy catering to the needs of oppressed students and teachers?

Well, only time can answer this question. Also, the actions of teachers and scholars in this regard will contribute a lot.

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