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National Education Policy 2020 To Empower Indian Education System

higher education

To revamp all aspects of the Indian education system and bring it closer to the best global standards, the Government has approved the much-awaited New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 on July 29, 2020. After all, education is the most effective medium of progress and development with critical and mathematical thinking among the students.

Politics As Career For Youth In Democratic India

politics as career

We need to learn to handle the people who are mishandling the political economy of India. To encourage youth and develop their taste of politics as a career, we have to motivate them for taking risk in the uncertain world of unemployment. politics as a career debate The politicians have to be trained to become street SMART and SIMPLE with spiritual input as justified in the book ‘Economics of Human Resource Development in India,’ published in 2012, for the good governance of any economy of the world including India.

Relevance Of Skills For Indian Youth In The COVID Era And Beyond

Relevance Of Skills For Indian Youth

To commemorate  World Youth Skill Day (WYSD) on July 15, 2020, more than an annual ritual in India, we need to understand, analyze and interpret the relevance of skills for a resilient youth for surviving, existing, and excelling in the covid era and beyond.   Under the Skill India program, we require life skills, reading skills, writing […]

Understanding Happiness In Covid Crisis

covid crisis

Being needonomist, I am ready to change my looks, actions, and words (LAW) which is the real law of the universe for happiness in present times of covid crisis with material miseries. It is believed by most of the people that a person possessing resources of all kinds including financial and physical is happy. The […]

Moral Education As Pillar Of Prosperity In Post-Covid Era

moral education

To ponder over the fate of the Indian economy in post covid era, we cannot ignore the moral aspects of education which is the pillar of prosperity with human values. We cannot confine to peripheral concerns with lip service (superficial remedial steps) but calls for a concrete plan of action with a solid foundation for […]

Rationale For Real Education Without Examinations In Post Covid Era

real education

To make education useful for the society in post covid era, we need serious introspection on its various dimensions including examinations that are under threat by and for the stakeholders. Real education means proper, productive, and practical (3P) use of hands, head, and heart (3H). I have experienced mass copying and unfair means as Pro-Vice-Chancellor […]

Higher Education In Post Covid Era: Challenges And Opportunities

post covid era

I foresee the challenges in higher education for making the students useful and careful who are otherwise useless and careless as unemployable by the employers in the world of uncertainties in post covid era.  The online system of education will deteriorate the standards which are desirable for the economies of the world including India. There […]

All one must know : Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019

Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019

A close perusal with the rapt attention of the draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019  developed in 23 chapters consisting of 484 pages reveals that the provisions therein were necessary but not sufficient for the real education as proper, productive and practical (3P) use of hands, head and heart (3H). The universal thrusts for peace, […]