Rationale For Real Education Without Examinations In Post Covid Era

real education

To make education useful for the society in post covid era, we need serious introspection on its various dimensions including examinations that are under threat by and for the stakeholders. Real education means proper, productive, and practical (3P) use of hands, head, and heart (3H).

I have experienced mass copying and unfair means as Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara which motivated me to think for the diagnosis and solutions to the aggravated problem leading to chaos in the country including Bihar. It was given to understand by the students that teachers do not take the classes and never completes the course work.

Therefore, we cannot expect fair examinations which are very difficult to conduct. This requires serious thinking by the stakeholders with remedial steps for reducing if not removing the prevailing rot in the examinations at all levels of education.

In the present system of education, there is no place for learning as examination-oriented which leads to results of the pass and fails after the semester presently which has aggravated the problems associated with examinations. The future has become more important than the present due to the examination system causing stress and tensions in the minds of the students leading to the suicides.

In my opinion, violence of all kinds is existing in society due to competition which may or may not be healthy. It needs to be replaced with alternatives. All kinds of ambitions to be achievers lead to all kinds of terrorism and corruption.

As a humble teacher from the family of teachers for four generations, I wish to argue against the present system of examinations including the semester system which has led to chaos.

As teachers, we observe the students every day and throughout the year which can decide whether to move further or one remain a little longer in the same class. Nobody fails and nobody passes- no competition with anyone.

To reboot the minds of the students as a clean slate for learning and relearning, the prevailing education is insufficient, incomplete, and superficial. It only creates confusion, conflicts of interest, and do not give any insight into the needed education.

It is harmful as based on the notion of competition with conflict of interest. I believe that competition needs to be replaced in society by some alternative mechanism to co-exist with cooperation and support. 

One is just oneself as soul and incomparable. There is no place for examinations in the science of the soul. We need to change the whole perspective from the future to the present times without bothering the past. We need to understand education in all its dimensions for avoiding conflicts and struggle in life and realize the joy in friends and relationships with self, others, and God.

The informative aspect of education like history and geography can be provided by www and electronic media to be exactly falling in the domain of e-teaching and e-learning. This has economic implications with reduced per capita expenditure on education and returns on this can certainly be increased with higher lifetime earnings.

Science is an important aspect of education that needs practice and guidance and cannot be provided online. There is a strong case for classroom teaching and learning and not merely examinations for declaring pass and fail.

The real education for learning the art of living is necessary but not sufficient. To make it sufficient, we need to learn and adopt the art of giving. Every student as youth needs a transformation from anger, hatred, jealousy caused by competition through examinations to cooperation and support with love and affection for co-existing in the society.

A sense of humor with the smiling face of the students is the need of the hour which stands snatched by the examinations. This art can certainly be learned from TV serials, of course, need time management not affecting sleeping time which is essential for the revival of energy.

Sadness and seriousness need to be replaced with humor for improving efficiency and productivity in every sector of the economy. We need to learn the language of laughter more than English, Hindi and Hinglish, and other regional languages. 

Creativity is an art like painting, music, craftsmanship, pottery, designing, cooking and above all writing and speaking which is necessary and sufficient for surviving, existing, and excelling in any walk of life.

real education

In view of the big gap between what the present educational infrastructure and facilities can offer – in terms of both quantity and quality of education – and the requirements of skilled and semi-skilled workforce, skilling Indian youth has been adopted as the cornerstone of the economic policy of the Government.

Life Skills have a unique position in the life of young women and men, regardless of whether they are in full employment in the private or public sector, job aspirants, or seeking to become entrepreneurs.

These skills also play a significant role in their day-to-day life-guiding their interactions, shaping their behavior patterns, building their confidence, and helping them make informed and pertinent choices in matters that impact their life.

For better chances of success in producing skillful manpower needed in the nation, there is a strong case for including a substantial component on life skills in the curriculum at all levels of education which needs no examination of the present kind.

Undoubtedly, those individuals who are equipped with life skills will be more effective in their work. They will not only be able to relate more appropriately with their colleagues at the workplace but also be in a better position to deal with the challenges that are innate to the job, thus, raising the level of their performance not on the job but off the job as well. 

Dying as a physical body is a death which is also an art and can be learned through meditation and spirituality without committing suicides for failure in the examination. To avoid suicides, we should remember that soul is immortal and the death rate is zero.

real education

Like a physical body, everybody is to die and the death rate is 100 percent. Let us understand the reality for thinking and rethinking real education as 3P use of 3H without examinations of the present kind.

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