Understanding Happiness In Covid Crisis

covid crisis

Being needonomist, I am ready to change my looks, actions, and words (LAW) which is the real law of the universe for happiness in present times of covid crisis with material miseries. It is believed by most of the people that a person possessing resources of all kinds including financial and physical is happy.

The reality is just the opposite. In my considered opinion, a happy person possesses the resources to enjoy happiness and is comfortable with the resources possessed without any grievances and grudges against anyone in society. 

It is pertinent to mention that if someone asks me about my retired life from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, I say that I am enjoying romantically with a smile on my face for which I am known to my friends in and out of India.

To my mind, happiness is a state of mind that is fully dependent on the ‘sanskaras’ imbibed from our forefathers and parents.  We can identify many people who really laugh and make people laugh despite the problems faced due to lack of resources including political poverty and patronage of the politicians.

covid crisis

We have to create stronger interdisciplinary partnerships in all walks of life. It is pertinent to mention that consumerism in India through mall culture is polluting the mindset for overspending and living life of miseries.

To achieve happiness, the keywords are cherished, nourish, and flourish and make others happy. We have to be alert, aware, and awake with vivek and wisdom. We need to weigh long term benefits over short term gratifications for positive developments in life.

To move forward in life, one needs to accept self as others as they also have a sense of purpose.

We have to learn to cherish what is there in good relationships with changed perspectives.  We need to reduce stress, anxiety, and guilt (SAG)  of what we cannot do. We can start doing, even small things for the family on a daily basis.

We have to invest 15 minutes of the time to convey the gratitude to everyone around in the society and above all god. We need to maintain our relationships with the heart of fairness, gratitude, and honesty. We have to do duties with diligence for self-empowerment with enlightenment. 

covid crisis

We need to accept the present situation of the covid crisis and make better use of what we have for our happiness.

The greedonomics (economics of greed) can be checked and controlled by adopting spirituality which elevates consciousness for needs only. It develops a sense of caring and commitment for humanity by adopting needonomics and becoming street smart as consumers, producers, distributors, and traders.

We need a spiritual outlook and sensitivity for fostering environmental consciousness. Spirituality opens our eyes to the beauty of nature and life. We have to learn to honor the sanctity of the environment in all its dimensions social, economic, and physical. Every place and time is sacred for doing good work with the honesty of purpose.

It is to be noted that greed has made us insensitive to issues like environment, non-violence, corruption, terrorism, and peace. We can carry the burden, however hard, can do the work, and can live life sweetly, lovingly, purely and lonely which really means life to us.

In my humble opinion, to remain annoyed, angry, worried, and unhappy is the mental weakness and not the prevailing situations and environment. This is a sign of backwardness in a strict sense of Indian perspectives of spirituality- the spirit to know actuality as the science of the soul.

I trust and believe that a balanced approach in a human being is necessary and sufficient for happiness without fear (false evidence appearing real). A person with this kind of approach understands to laugh over the matters of serious nature and avoid stress and tensions. 

It is to be noted carefully that there is not a single person on this earth who has not faced difficulties, obstacles, and hurdles along with facilitative set up called infrastructure and all comforts of life. 

covid crisis

I believe that I am better than many millions of people in the globalized society of today. Let us believe that happiness is a gift of God, deserves to be enjoyed with grace and a positive mindset. The amount of happiness is a function of real education which means to me is proper, productive, and practical (3P) of hands, head, and heart (3H). 

We need to learn to locate happiness in everything and everywhere around us. We have to believe in GOD and the good wishes of the people, we are living with passion. We are required to learn to see and find goodness in people around us instead of finding faults with the blame games and war of words.

We have to stop blaming GOD for the discriminations, disparities, and denials of various kinds. We have to accept the obstacles and hurdles as challenges. These are given to a person who is capable of handling them with capacities and carefulness. 

We have to stop doing empirical research on the negative mindsets, faults, and bad habits of others and scarcities for the self. We have to say no to indecisiveness, stress, and strain for the sake of happiness for the real self and others in society.

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