Moral Education As Pillar Of Prosperity In Post-Covid Era

moral education

To ponder over the fate of the Indian economy in post covid era, we cannot ignore the moral aspects of education which is the pillar of prosperity with human values.

We cannot confine to peripheral concerns with lip service (superficial remedial steps) but calls for a concrete plan of action with a solid foundation for moral education with its boundaries at all levels. There is a strong case for moral education which promotes values of human life. We have to stop the death of human values in the age of moral decadence. 

To convert a human being into human capital needed for the knowledge economy, we need to complement and supplement knowledge with values flowing from spirituality flowing from the epics including Gita and Anu –Gita.

We have to develop moral standards for the Indian youth including discipline in the post covid era. It is the fundamental duty of the stakeholders of education at all levels to ensure moral education as sacrosanct.

To sow the seeds of moral values in the minds of the students, there is a definite role for parents and teachers to foster the spiritual atmosphere. Righteousness is a moral value requires to be inculcated. It must be noted that the bad temper of the parents and teachers affects the behavior of the student. 

The quarreling, war of words, and blame game cause trouble and should be avoided. It is important to mention that the spiritual bankruptcy and commercialization has led to a deterioration in the polluted relationships and standards of education. To cultivate faith with patience, we should stop the war of words that drain off all the energies.

We have to develop tolerance as an important human value in all kinds of relationships with compassion. Avoid backbiting as a bad habit. Jealousy is a negative trait caused by the so-called competition in all walks of life. One should always be aware of the implications of making mistakes.

The attention deficit (AD) for the stakeholders is more dangerous than all kinds of deficits including fiscal deficit (FD), revenue deficit (RD), primary deficit (PD), the budget deficit (BD), and trust deficit (TD).  This calls for remaining alert, aware, and awake with Vivek for everything happening around in the society.

There is no place of the state of boredom and enjoy the limited time of only 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year with a focus on all aspects of life including economic, social, health, education, and spirituality. We should be curious to understand, analyze, and interpret the issues of relevance for preparing ourselves with a positive outlook.

It is relevant to mention that the teachers should not preach the thoughts which they have not practiced. ‘Practice what one preaches’ is the mantra for the success of the teacher to be remembered and followed for all times to come.

I am sure; the lockdown will form good habits also as a discipline of life by a changed lifestyle of all in the economy including consumers, producers, distributors, and traders. 

To forget the pains of lockdown, we have to stop anxieties, stress, and tensions. For avoiding confusion, there should be consistency in thoughts and actions.

To form good habits, the desired moral education starts at home which could have been strengthened during lockdown when parents were working from home. This calls for formulating the policy by the employers to allow the parents of school-going children to work from home on alternative days if both are working.

As good habits become an asset, we have to practice good actions repeatedly. To effect the change in society, we have to ensure moral education. Personal discipline can have an impact on others around which is long-lasting.

To give up addictions of all kinds, we have to take a pledge which will prove priceless for saving the human misery for all times to come.

To develop mind beautifully, one must have beautiful thoughts that will give a beautiful life to lead to goodness if not greatness.

It is the duty of the teachers to explain the scientific basis of the harmful consequences of bad habits. By doing good deeds one can become powerful for creating a win-win situation for the self and the society at large.

This calls for hard work, confidence, good thoughts, and prayers to God which falls in the domain of moral education. After all, work works are a two-word success story and prove ‘work is worship and vice versa’. I have been able to prove worship as work too based on my personal experience as it has increased my efficiency and productivity as an academician.

 Teachers need to be respected which can be commended and not demanded by them. To become good and great, one should strive hard every day to be better than yesterday.

This calls for confidence leading to creativity which leads to knowledge and is instrumental in thinking to become really prosperous with wealth in all its dimensions including health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

One has to learn to smile inside (not plastic smile as an actor). As an enlightened person who has control over senses and mind, perform actions with god at the center and observe a moral code of conduct.

Actions, speech, and lifestyle of a person should reflect godliness which calls for changed mind-set for real prosperity. To keep the smile intact, one has to keep calm without interfering in the lifestyle of others. Let us learn to hope with enthusiasm in a period of crisis with uncertainties.

To survive, exist and excel in post covid era, we need to understand, analyze, interpret and adopt street SMART & SIMPLE models of moral education developed by the writer in the book ‘Economics of Human Resource Development in India’ (2011).

SMART means simple, moral, action-oriented, responsive, and transparent attributes as components of the personality of an individual with values of life.

To adopt and accept the normative approach to holistic human resource development (HRD), it is essential to understand a SIMPLE model of HRD consisting of six human development activities such as Spiritual Quotient (SQ) development, Intuition development, Mental level development, Love oneself attitude development and Emotional quotient (EQ) development.

The synergy of these six aspects of HRD in the beautiful word ‘SIMPLE’ is an essential requirement for all of us to emerge and realize our full potential in a holistic sense. An enlightened life as street smart helps in developing skills, values, wisdom, and vision to align and harmonize new connectivity among various economic sectors in society.

To become prosperous in post covid era, we need to follow spiritually guided materialism (SGM) strategy flowing from Gita (sloka no 22 of Chapter 9) justifying ‘needonomics’ (economics of needs).

It is necessary and sufficient to say no to all the socio-economic problems including terrorism and corruption of all kinds spreading hatred, discontent, and discriminations in my beloved Bharat- the knowledge seeker economy enjoying the status of Vishav Guru based on dharma (not religion) which is humanity with spirituality. 

To combat coronavirus caused the crisis, we need to think positively, act wisely with good character, sincerity, compassion, focus, determination, obey the laws, courage, and convictions as unique qualities of moral education as the pillar of prosperity.  

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