Educators: The Unsung Heroes of The Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the face of heroes these days, and one of those ‘Heroes’ is our academicians. The ongoing health crisis has been a difficult period for teachers across the globe. It can’t be denied that it is a task in itself for teachers to switch to the virtual model of learning, and not being tech-savvy makes it all the more difficult for them.

Academicians should not panic to go ahead with the normalcy of online classrooms, but the fact is, that they are concerned about the student’s academic growth that creates a panic situation for them.

What Makes Them a Hero?

As much as it has been difficult for us to work from home, it has been difficult for them as well. Have you ever thought, that if you are not able to meet the deadlines, or maybe find it challenging to work with a new editing tool, it seems tough right? That’s what 60% of educators are facing ever since the lockdown has been implemented. For sure it’s not easy for them to shoot a video, or conduct engaging online content, but kudos to their efforts


It gets much more difficult to reach out to their students who reside in rural areas with a lack of internet and resources. Or we can say, if the teacher itself is living in a rural area he/she has probably no means to conduct the classes. Nearly 6 months of making consecutive efforts to complete the syllabus, the teachers have made remarkable efforts to accomplish the tasks in hand.

For teachers it’s important to get a chance to have one interaction with their students, it’s their presence that matters to them. Keeping the students motivated and involved during the online class is not as easy as it seems. Of course, the teachers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that they excel at delivering the most engaging lectures online. 

Strongly Dealing With the Cyber Space

The cyberspace has made it feasible to conduct sessions online, but it is still not as easy going as it seems for teachers. We are well aware of the consequences of the lockdown and mostly had an idea that we are gonna miss a lot of things. 

But, what we didn’t notice was that, as much as it is going to be difficult for us to stay at home, it will be difficult for teachers to form a learning environment and share knowledge amidst the pandemic. Did I tell you they aren’t taking leaves either? Yes, you read that right, almost 50% of them are working every single day along with the hustle-bustle of their day to day routines. While some of the teachers are homemakers as well, they have a double responsibility to manage it all together.    


From “No Smartphones” to becoming a pro at using it, it surely has been a roller coaster ride for academicians worldwide. They have been the ones who encouraged us to learn new things, and now they are the learners surrounded by gadgets.

Not Giving Up At All  

One of the major challenges that the teachers have been facing, is to make sure that they can pay attention to each student and take feedbacks. Along with that, various cases talk about the time when the parents are the one who takes notes on behalf of the students. I wonder how patient a teacher must have been to watch such unnecessary involvements during an ongoing class. It becomes difficult for them to maintain the decorum of the class.

From preparing themselves for the next session to adjusting with the camera, to making it more engaging and above all, completing the syllabus. I must say, they haven’t given up. We are not acknowledging them enough for being patient for so long. 


The academic fraternity is the community of “Unsung Heroes” who are putting their heart and soul to conduct classes online with 0 technical knowledge. We are still uncertain about how and when things will get normal, but the fact is that our educators have embraced the new normal with utmost sincerity. 

Even if it is possible virtually, make sure you thank them for being available for you and guiding you throughout during these unprecedented times. This teacher’s day, assure that you make it special for them.

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