Changing Face of Education System; A Subjective Observation

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We have been watching our education system heading towards a track where it is growing yet faces major challenges to cope up with the new normal of 2020. The pandemic has rattled the globe and has made it difficult for us to achieve tasks. The health crisis has not only just affected the Indian economy but also the world economy but has had a massive impact on our education system in India as well.

As much as I have observed being part of the academic sector over a decade and being in touch with the dignitaries of the fraternity, I came across a few of the critical issues that hinder the academic growth of the country.  

3 Issues That Require Immediate Attention and Change

Change The Way You Evaluate 

The marking system continues to play a major role in defining a student’s career. Instead of the student being provided with skill-based learning, the primary focus in colleges and universities is to admit students based on the numbers on their mark sheets. This has been the case for quite a long, leading to cases where students underperform due to performance pressure.

education system

If we closely look at the way we are adopting new lifestyles and embracing the new normal, one such change to be addressed is to evaluate a student based on their classroom participation and not just on a 3-hour exam.

Robust Training for Academicians

Educators play a vital role in shaping a student’s future after he/she enters the higher education sector. Going through various articles and re-collecting the conversations I had with the global educators, I realized that the major factor that limits the academic growth of India is its untrained faculties.

education system

Learning never stops after a certain age, but the fact that we don’t keep ourselves updated with the new lifestyle is something that needs to be improved. The higher education system in India has to incorporate programs and workshops for teachers to help them be more familiar with the newness of the education sector. The academicians need to be updated with the new courses and curriculum and get themselves trained accordingly.   

 Prof. Dr.S.B. Siwach
 Prof. Dr.S.B. Siwach

Help them Learn the Purpose of Education

The education system in India continues to follow the methodology that teaches students about how education helps them to be rich also in the world education. Whereas what, I believe students are still unaware of the core idea of education.

Instilling them with the idea to think critically and have a point of view of their own is something that teachers are not teaching them. 

education system

It’s 2020, and students continue to follow what is being said and done. The focus has shifted drastically from learning to staying into the limelight. If we closely observe our generation today, they are running behind the agendas of making money and how to be successful at any cost. Whereas the core value of education is to teach them to be better and think critically. 


The old methodologies and the teaching pedagogy has to change with time, and that’s a fact. We can’t deny that the Indian government and education ministry is coming up with better education strategies that contribute to the betterment of our education system. But, as educators, we need to understand that until then, we have to come up with a strategic plan to reform the existing educational model.  

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    Really Great, Three Bullet Points reaching to the Brain & Heart. Because Education needs to cover Brain & Heart equally with truth & love. Your every words comes from your own experience and others. So proud about your wisdom seva to all. Keep do best even you will do more than this.

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