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Measures to Have More Fun as a Faculty Member


Fun seems to promote teaching and learning by increasing dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen in the brain The flexibility to control your schedules is one of the major advantages of working as a teacher. In the educational world, the profession of a faculty member gives you the benefit of the autonomy to follow your intellectual and […]

Education Or No Education?

Education Or No Education

Education Or No Education Let’s Bring it Forward in the Open Break the shell of myths and understand the concept of education through these upfront discussions. What do we actually mean by being educated? Is it engaging in rote learning and acting just like robots or is it attaining education in the real sense and […]

Paramarsh Scheme: Soon UGC Will Be Announcing Mentor Institutes


What is Paramarsh Scheme? Earlier this year in June, The Union Ministry for HRD launched a new scheme “Paramarsh” under UGC. The scheme was launched in concern of the degrading quality of Higher Education Institutions. Higher Education Institutions failed to meet the quality standards of NAAC (National Assessment Accreditation Council). Such colleges and institutions could […]

Emerging Educational Technologies

educational technologies

What are the top upcoming educational technologies? The most recent couple of years have seen a sensational change in the learning model. The manner in which students are being encouraged today is altogether different from the teaching techniques that were received a couple of decades back. Technologies have realized different changes in the manner education […]

How Education Is An Industry?

Education Industry

How it’s an Industry? Education is a significant piece of life. The amount and kind of education that people get is a noteworthy influence on both the kinds of occupations they can hold and their profit. Long-lasting learning is significant in gaining new information and overhauling one’s aptitudes, especially in this period of fast innovative […]

Opportunities in EdTech


What Are The Opportunities In EdTech? EdTech is a huge growth market. EdTech seems like a huddled house however at the same time offers a plethora of opportunities for somebody who aspires to make a difference to Education & Learning. It offers a wide spectrum ranging from online degree course-based learning to bite-sized course consumption […]