Opportunities in EdTech


What Are The Opportunities In EdTech?

EdTech is a huge growth market. EdTech seems like a huddled house however at the same time offers a plethora of opportunities for somebody who aspires to make a difference to Education & Learning.

It offers a wide spectrum ranging from online degree course-based learning to bite-sized course consumption and at the same time has a lot of unchartered territories such as embedding artificial intelligence to assist teachers and students.

Educational technology could be a great way to make your or students learning simpler and pleasant. It uses such technological resources like online learning, learning theory, mobile technologies (called m-learning), e-learning software, and computer-based training.

TechCrunch study says, that the EdTech market is worth $5 trillion worldwide and by 2020 the EdTech business ought to develop to $252 billion. As for Ed-Tech developers job, there is also a good statistics.

opportunities in EdTech

Your opportunities will lie in 3 sectors:

  1. K-12
  2. Higher Ed (colleges, universities, adult training)
  3. Private industry (the vendors and suppliers who make apps, learning tech platforms, courses, infrastructure delivery, curriculum, data collection and analysis, and so on.

K-12 and better Ed are ripe for growth, with the promise that edtech can improve efficiency and lower cost — more automation and less human involvement — while also improving and creating additional measurable outcomes, to which government educational funding is often pegged.

Be aware that government funding for public ed is extremely unstable and affects that sectors ability to take a position in edtech. Private trade is funded by private equity and includes a richer base however VC ventures are risky and most fail or merge quick therefore jobs and outlook there suffer from a different type of instability.

If you’re searching for a career or job opportunities in edtech, the biggest three sectors for hiring are:

  • Teaching/Tutoring
  • Product development (course and curriculum authoring, test writing, programming and data development, app making, and so on)
  • Sales and Marketing — New items and new markets require more “push” or effort to get into business sectors and edtech is particularly a social media push advertise.

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