Education Or No Education

Education Or No Education?

Education Or No Education Let’s Bring it Forward in the Open

Break the shell of myths and understand the concept of education through these upfront discussions.

actually mean by being educated

What do we actually mean by being educated?

Is it engaging in rote learning and acting just like robots or is it attaining education in the real sense and behaving like completely learned individuals?

The answer is yes, at times we behave like robots and also like parrots, repeating whatever is learned without applying relevance of thought to it. 

The British did leave India after our independence but they took away our thinking caps too along with their personal belongings.

People in India have lost their sensible part and still behave like being in some invisible chains and boundaries. It seems that we have become mechanical and lost all emotions or given them away to the British as a token of remembrance.

Education in Reality

Education is a process by which the knowledge, character, behavior, skills, and capabilities of a human being are shaped and molded to suit the demands of the trending environment. Through education, a person gets enlightened and escalated to higher levels to reach his ultimate objective. The ability to differentiate between good or bad, false or true or right or wrong activities also develops by getting the right education. Education is the point of difference between human beings and other creations of the world. We not only become self-aware after getting educated in the right way but also get to bring out the potential of our fellow beings for the benefit of humanity.

present scenario

What is the aim of education in the present scenario in India?

Have we understood the real objective of education according to the demands of the present generation?

No, we have not. But we just blindly follow what is being run on for years and years. Raising a question or putting further queries is being considered rude and illogical. Let us first understand why we are supposed to be educated in the first place.

Firstly, we need to be educated to be aware and alert about our immediate surroundings and the world at large. Making the mind alert and curious should be the main aim of any kind of education.

Secondly, it should be designed in a uniform way which goes well with every section of society. Education should not be limited to a higher class or a lower class of society. 

Thirdly, education should not be limited to theoretical knowledge solely but should aim at the practical and overall development of the learner. Once educated a learner should have been equipped with the true and culminated power to progress and excel in life.

Now, just go through the below myths and their explanations to understand the issue in focus further.

Clear the black cloud of myths and look at the sunshine

Myth 1: Syllabus is the most powerful element in education and beyond the syllabus, there is nothing feasible

This is the statement we have been hearing for so many years, but actually syllabi are just like a window or say a table of contents about what is there inside the huge bag of education. So, this is definitely a myth that beyond the syllabus there is no real learning.

We tend to ignore the happenings around or rather close our eyes and listen only to the events inside the four walls of the classroom. At times we even close the windows to avoid any connection with nature.

Myth 2: Learning art is not significant

This is another myth that we do not have to learn art in the process of education. Art is a very essential concept that should be included in the teaching of educational concepts. Art lays the foundation, makes the child creative, instills confidence, makes the child a team player, helps him to form better decisions, increases focus and ultimately churns out a better and complete individual. 

People are of the opinion that one who learns art will fail in the mad race of engineers, doctors and other accepted professions. We tend to kill the artist within and follow the rat race blindly. Ultimately we realize that we have landed in a no man’s land.

Myth 3: Students can be disciplined only after punishment

This is the worst myth that rules the mind and heart of the teachers these days. A child’s behaviour can be corrected only through proper understanding of the child’s nature and later on if required communicating with the parents. Minor behavioural problems can be addressed upfront and can be normalised within a short span of time and the other crucial issues can be solved by taking the respective necessary measures. Punishment is a strict no-no for the child in any situation.

When a teacher looks with fierce eyes at the child the child will just wait for the bell to ring and run away with his bag. The child will also avoid any kind of contact or communication with the teacher who can correct the child only with punishment. At times the child will take it easy and say one punishment and that’s it I will be free. Standing outside, the classroom will be an enjoyable moment for him or her and then it will become purposeful too. The child will wait for punishments to stand out and look at other classes or teachers.

The Essence of Education

Education should not merely mean rote learning without comprehension. The wires of our brain should be supplied with the right current which forms a suitable combination to ignite the light of knowledge in our mind. 

Education is like a moving train which should route our minds to the stations of alertness, confidence, independence, problem solving, and cooperation and updated information for facing the demands of the modern world. The journey through the train of education does not have a destination as there is no end to gain knowledge.

Education should be a platform where a learner learns after practically carrying out the activities. The pitfalls make him more daring and raring to take up challenges. 

Intellectual development and the sharpening of the already inborn mental faculties is the way to achieve real education. When we begin to think logically after introspecting and analyzing the available facts that mean we have reached the real output of education.


Education is the way to live and take charge of things, which tends to lead the way forward and achieve the most impossible tasks. We come to know about our own self first, our society, way of living, and the way to survive and exist in this world through the means of education. After getting educated we tend to have better perspectives and better prospects too for further development in our lives. 

Education trains the human mind to become good students, parents, entrepreneurs, doctors, siblings and honest citizens. When we are in contact with educated people we develop our knowledge and become more learned in the real sense of the term.

Education is a lifelong process that starts when one is born and moves from one stage of learning to another. At some stages we learn by ourselves at some we need someone to guide and take us through the subsequent stages.

By far all these culminate into the fact that education is definitely not something which will get us a good career or good spouse or good children but in reality, it will make us a better human being who has got all the senses developed and all his abilities and capabilities utilised to the full. Education is the key that opens the doors to different forms of learning not only from books but also through practical training, exposure to arts, moving beyond the syllabus and kindling an out of the box way of thinking in an individual. When we see such kind of output we can proudly claim that we are educated in the perfect sense of the term.

Education should be a tool to sharpen our senses but one should not think that it is the end.

Bookworms cannot face the challenges of the outside world they can only remain inside the book and end their lives then and there. Life beyond the books and practical knowledge is the ultimate and real learning.

Once educated take back your thinking caps from the last place where you had kept them. Make a nice combined recipe of all the ingredients and relish the taste and the aroma which is the right food for your mind and soul.

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