Mumbai University Asks Colleges To Announce Results Soon


Mumbai University has given a circular explaining the 50-50 gradation equation for students in lower classes. Colleges have been approached to follow the recipe as referenced in the circular and report results at the most punctual.

This would assist them with conceding students internally in the lower classes-from first year to second, and from second to third, etc.

The circular state’s universities need to check students in the even sessions (semesters 2, 4, 6…) based on their normal scores in the odd sessions (1,3,5). On the off chance that students have flopped in both the odd and even sessions following the gradation equation, they should return for the subjects during the October-November session.

Among different regulations, colleges have been approached to lead internal tests, if pending, orally on the telephone or by means of undertaking entries on mail. An official said it will be generally material for students from post-graduate courses or engineering students whose scholastic session was upset because of the lockdown. Colleges where a few tests were undertaken before the lockdown have been approached to evaluate papers.

The requirement for control from external inspectors now and again is postponed. The choice of final-year tests is pending.

Higher education minister Uday Samant will hold a meet with the vice-chancellors of public colleges to examine the issue.

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