How To Make A Career In Artificial Intelligence With Mr. Utpal Chakraborty?

It would be wrong if we say that our lives have not become much easier since the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. AI has reached every part of the society from  Alexa to Siri, from automatic cars to robot waiters, it has now become a part of everyone’s daily lives. 

Human intelligence has created so many things for better civilization but the biggest achievement of it is “Artificial Intelligence”. It has not only improved the standard of living but also has influenced every industry out there.

Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that is reducing the workload of humans. Things that used to take at least a day AI is making it possible in an hour. Every business is taking advantage of this and is minimizing the burden of its employees.

It is widely being used in business applications such as data analytics, evaluation of profits, language processing, etc. It also ameliorates the efficiency of organizations in such a manner that profits can be accelerated. 

An Artificial Intelligence Manager knows his/her way through all the technologies and machinery, s/he tends to be an expert in data science, machine learning and various other parameters of AI. 

Eduvoice Understanding The Needs And Bridging The Gap!!

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing after human civilization and the future is filled with the possibilities of AI. So it is really crucial for people to know how they can enter such a field and what all skills and knowledge they will have to possess.

To travel more through this topic we at Eduvoice invite corporate leaders of this field and try to get their insights about this domain and what all skills a fresher should have in his/her arsenal in order to get a job in the same. The purpose behind this is to create a bridge between the Industrial sector and the Educational sector.

Let’s Get To Know Mr. Utpal Chakraborty !!

This time we got a golden opportunity to have a fruitful conversation with Mr. Utpal Chakraborty, Head of Artificial Intelligence at YES BANK, Chief Data Scientist, AI Researcher, TEDx Speaker & Agile Lean Practitioner.

career in artificial intelligence

So to begin with we first asked him about his journey to which he replied that his higher education never really excited him and he never even wanted to come into this software field, his field of interest was in sports but situations brought him into the technical field.

After that, he added that now it has been more than 22 years in the industrial sector. He started his career as a very technical person. He had more of a  developer kind of a role. After that, he moved into different career ladders but mostly he was attached to the technologies.

Then he started with mainframe, java and Microsoft technologies as well as software. During this timeframe, he delivered many projects for international clients from the US and UK.

He was highly appreciated for the kind of work he did. So whatever complex projects came into his plate, he was always successfully delivering it within the timeline and allotted budget. 

He further added that basically it was his forte and his journey with Artificial Intelligence started around 7 to 8 years back. It all started when he was thrown into a project and he was not aware of anything like Artificial Intelligence. He only had an overview due to which he and his team faced a lot of challenges.

They were doing research and development, and he even went to the US for training in AI and Machine Learning. After he came back from the US, he trained his entire team in AI and ML. They also took a lot of online training, then they partnered with a lot of academia like IITs where they have been doing a lot of research on AI and ML processing.

career in artificial intelligence

Ultimately all the hard work and dedication paid off and they started delivering the projects. That’s how the journey started and since then they have been dealing with more and more complex projects and each time there was a challenge as well as an opportunity to understand the technology in a better manner and finally implement everything learned and see whether the implementation is right or not.

Mr. Utpat said, “If I talk about AI and all the technologies that come under the umbrella of AI, they are still in their maturing stage. So definitely there are a lot of cases where you encounter a problem and you get into R&D of it as the technology is still growing so nobody knows how to tackle these problems. So R&D has become an essential element in AI that’s what his years of experience have taught me.” 

Lastly, he added that although he has a lot of experience in the field of AI since the technology is in its maturing phase you keep on learning something new. For him working on a new project related to AI is just like working over his first project of AI because there is so much to learn.

On one hand, Mr. Chokraborty is very much confident that if there is any project assigned to him he will definitely be able to deliver it but on the other side he also knows it’ll take a lot of effort as well as R&D. 

What Are Things That Artificial Intelligence Unit Is Looking For In A College Pass Out?

We then asked Mr. Charkraborty what are those skills that a fresher needs to make a career in Artificial Intelligence to which he said that candidates should have a stronghold on mathematics. They should have knowledge about any programming language like JAVA, C++, etc. as well as all the basic knowledge about the subject like building blocks. Also. The most important thing is that they should have the zeal to learn new things every day without hesitation.

career in artificial intelligence

We further asked him about what companies expect from students of different tiers of colleges to which he replied, “I don’t think tiers matter that much. All the freshers I believe have fresh blood and according to me they have more creative minds and they are much more flexible.” 

“The freshers are more energetic according to me, they try to give more than they can and always pitch in creative ideas.”, he added. 

The secondary thing that depends on recruitment is the budget of the company like the high budget companies go for tier-one colleges so that they can provide higher packages whereas lower budget organizations go for tier three colleges. He also said that his own company hires freshers who are responsible enough to take projects and have all the basic skills without looking in which tier of college they are from.

Lastly, Mr. Utpal concluded by saying that what companies actually look for in any candidate is who can put their heart and mind in such work where experienced people can’t.

A Word About Higher Education From The Industry

Our team then asked him about his views on the current education system to which he responded that the Education System has drastically changed over the years in a positive way.

He gives the credit major credit of this to the private institutions as he firmly believes they have played the more major part in improving and upgrading the education system whereas government institutions have followed them. He then added that private institutions have all the updated syllabus and technologies to teach students.

He lastly added that there are some sectors that need an upgrade like medical, he feels the medical curriculum is not well developed or upgraded yet and still needs improvement. But also changing the syllabus every year is not the solution but more deep research is.

Mr. Chakraborty’s Say On Eduvoice And It’s Initiative.

Mr. Utpal appreciated Eduvoice’s initiative of working towards improving the Educational sector as he also believes that it needs a little bit of upgradation. Also, this will lessen the gap between the Industrial Sector and the Educational Sector which will create more corporate leaders.

One thing that we concluded after listening to Mr. Utpal was that “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” He is such an inspiration for people who have a zeal for learning something new every day.


Moderated by: Jayesh Pawar
Arranged by: Riswin Rasheed

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