How Covid-19 Will Impact The Admission 2020?


The COVID-19 pandemic, that started back in December of 2019 in Wuhan, China; has shown no signs of
stopping. There are 12 Million confirmed cases worldwide as of now. Due to this, several countries have
been forced to impose a lockdown, which has resulted in the shutting of educational institutions and
foreign travel. However, the process of education cannot stop. The students cannot afford to lose one
year of their academic life to this pandemic. Thus, the admissions for the academic year 2020-2021 will
have to be conducted.
It goes without saying that there will be numerous challenges pertaining to admissions. Will there be
any benefits to Universities? How will they conduct an entire academic year in case of an extended
lockdown? To learn more about the effect of COVID-19 on admissions and how they can be combated,
we spoke to the Vice-Chancellors of several Universities across India. Let us understand their views on
this topic:

Opinion from the Editor

Ms. Sujata Mehta

Founder & Editon-In-Cheif, Eduvoice India

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown which was first imposed in late March 2020, all the educational institution campuses have been shut. The crisis is yet to subside and hence, it is not advisable to re-open our institutions. However, the academic year of 2020-2021 is about to start and universities will have to conduct admissions for this year. 

It is an unfortunate certainty that the process will be adversely affected and the number of admissions may decline. This can be attributed to students not being able to visit campuses and also not being able to pay the fees. Further, the private universities which are less popular on social media will not be able to flourish due to the lack of online marketing. Those universities who haven’t been able to adopt online pedagogies will fail to receive admissions bountifully. 

Looking at the bright side, it is almost certain that admissions to local universities will increase due to the travel bans, especially to foreign countries. The institutions that have been able to conduct classes online and deliver engaging and meaningful education despite the crisis will naturally flourish. Universities can also provide the students with a 360° virtual tour of their campuses through their websites. If the universities are able to aid the students and set up installment plans for fee payment, then many students will be able to take admissions. Such key factors will draw students to study through online and distance education. Hence, not all hope is lost.  Despite the unavoidable adverse effects, online admissions can be conducted effectively.

Opinion from Top Vice-Chancellor’s Across India

Dr. Harsh Sadawarti

Vice Chancellor,
CT University

The students keen to go abroad for study shall defer their emigration plan in view of COVID-19 and like to seek admission in universities of their choice.The local students will seek admission due to restrictions of COVID-19. Overall, admissions will increase initially but will depend upon which way the situation moves. The efforts of the university to tap the potential candidates through vigorous social media campaign will be benecial. The general reputation of the university, infrastructure and the need based industrial driven programmes, placements will also make the difference.

Pulapa Subba Rao

Vice Chancellor, Millennium University & Author of Books on Management

Impact of Covid-19 on Admissions of 2020 varies from country to country depending upon the start date of academic year. Academic year in Malawi as well as in South Pacific region started in February. So Covid-19 didn’t impact. It’s impact in India will be noticeable unless the fee is reduced or subsidised as some parents lost jobs or lost income already.

Aloke Chakravartty

Vice Chancellor,
Techno Global University

This will change the way we educate people. For post Covid students must get something different. I see no problems with admission to good institutions who have been focusing on value added education. For example malls will not sell the way they sell products now. It may become 3D VR based sales. Now are we giving these skills or are we capable of handling such changes. Employability will depend on skills not on academic excellence. I feel optimistic about education. Biological subjects will rule. Oil technology will be biogas similarly non conventional energy. Electrical engineering with knowledge about hydrogen battery and so on.

Prof. Dr. HP Singh

Vice Chancellor,
ICFAI University

The University admissions 2020 are destined to be adversely affected amidst COVID 19 in India. Although the digital domain has demonstrated immense potentiality in terms of the information being made available to the prospective students in the form of videos, online counseling, websites of the institutions & initiatives of various education related companies to minimize the adverse impact of the pandemic on the admission process, yet large number of Universities, especially private universities in India which are committed to quality teaching & research but are not visible much on the social media and public domain are likely to suffer. Leaving apart the top ranking institutions, for which there is an appropriate system in place to work smoothly, for the others, in particular the lesser known universities, the established process of visit to the University by prospective students & their parents, going around in the campus to personally see the infrastructure, facilities & interact with the officials is something that is amiss amidst the current crisis and this will make it difficult for the students to decide the right fit & desired course/institution for them.

Dr. Raj Singh

Co- Founder, Vice Chancellor, Education Advisor

In 2020 more students will prefer domestic institutions instead of going abroad. New age Indian Universities offering innovative quality programmes at reasonable price will benefit. Since on-campus admissions activities will be almost nil, the marketing strategies will change. Well established nearby Universities will be preferred for regular programmes and there will be a clear shift towards online and distance education

Felix Raj

Vice Chancellor at St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata

Yes, it will – both ways, positively and negatively. Due to lockdown and COVID restrictions, migration will be limited. Admissions process will be delayed, some colleges and institutions may suffer in the process. Students cannot move out of the city or state for studies. They have to chose the best within the state or city. Institutions will be forced to go online for admissions. Choices will be limited. Braindrain may stop for sometime. It is good and bad. The cosmopolitian environment may be affected within institutions. COVID effect will remain for sometime, at least two-three years.

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