H-1B Norms no hurdle to a Indian Entry: US universities

Changes in H1B visa norms are making a lot of noise in the US. this has raised concerns among those who wish to have a future there. But the presidents of the top US universities have recently assured international students that they are still in demand by top American industrial and business enterprises.

The Reason for the Assurance

“The Indian students in US universities have no reason to get unduly perturbed if they are seeking placements in America after finishing their courses. Presidents of top universities in USA have assured the Indian students that their talent is very much acknowledged here. Top American firms are keen to employ Indian students like before. The universities in the USA are with the international students including those from India,” said Virender K Moudgil, Indian-origin president and CEO of Lwarence Technological University. He was recently on a visit to India.

Moudgil, who is meeting Indian students aspiring to enroll in US universities, assured that American university campuses are safe. He added that efforts are being made to promote multi-culturalism. He described the recent controversy as a ‘blip’ which will disappear.

“Indian students in the USA do well because they are not only talented but also hardworking. Therefore, they are at an advantage and are sought after by the American firms across disciplines,” Moudgil explained.

H-1B Norms

Chasing the US Dream

He recalled his own success story from a boy in Ludhiania to a be the president of a US university, “I went to the USA for higher studies in early ’70s. I returned with a cushy job as a lecturer in a top university in Punjab. But I returned to the USA as it was giving me the opportunity to excel in my area of research. Thereafter I charted a different course of passion and now I lead an American university.”

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