AICTE To Bring New Exam Structure

In its endeavor to test the understanding power of concepts and skills of students’ AICTE has decided to roll out model exam format to technical institutions which is a part of the finalized reforms by the technical education regulator.

 “The final exams to be held by the institutions will test the understanding of the concepts and the skills but not the subject aspect,” which has mentioned in the resolution by the AICTE. “A model exam format would come up in this regard and will be forwarded to the institutions and technical universities for a smooth implementation. This would be studied upon during the time of approval.”

AICTE mentioned that curricula would also have an annual revision.

“Every affiliating technical university would form subject-wise Industry Consultation Committee (ICC) with the authority of looking into the present curriculum and do suitable changes in it every year. This should be completed by every December for the courses to be offered in the next year. Each institution, while applying for approval, shall give its certification for the completion of this process, which is a necessary procedure.

Refresher course

Teachers of technical institutions would also have to do an annual online refresher course to further improve their teaching standards. Heads of institutions would also have to go through leadership training to excel in their qualities.

“It is recommended that every teacher would have to do an annual refresher course delivered through SWAYAM portal, which covers all major advances in their field of study. Online courses would be chalked out and forwarded through the  SWAYAM platform for improving the pedagogical techniques of the teachers. The participation strength of its faculty should be atleast 50% for the institution to get approval. The participation in the courses by at least 50% of the faculty would be a mandatory condition for approval of the institution.

“Similarly, heads of the institutions should add finesse to their leadership through leadership training, every 2 years. These trainings would also be a part of the SWAYAM platform.”

Apart from this, there will be compulsory student induction training to polish the fundamental concepts and necessary linguistic skills.


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