Coimbatore Engineering College to share Infrastructure, Expertise with Telecom Council

The Telecom Sector Skill Council of India Has signed an MoU with Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology (SKCET) for intellectual and infrastructural sharing. The objectives of the MoU include training and skill development, the mutual sharing of lab facilities and infrastructure and the sharing of designs for creating new projects. All this is to be achieved through the Research Incubation Cell (RIC), coupled with sharing of knowledge as well as industry institute interactions whilst moving towards digital India programmes for technology enhancement. SKCET is private engineering college in Coimbatore, and it accepted the memorandum on February 18, Saturday with the Telecom Sector Skill Council India.


In-depth Report

According to a joint release from the Telecom Council and Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology: Expertise in areas such as Network Management, Telecom Embedded Hardware Development and Terminal Equipment Application Development (Android based App development for mobile phones) will be explored under the joint the venture. All of this in conjugation with the above mentioned sharing principles.

The engineering college has also set up the RIC for assisting students in building their innovative ideas into purposeful and valuable outcomes.


The Research Incubation Cell was was inaugurated by the Telecom Council Director, A Gururaj. The Incubation cell is an already proven model for conducting research, and similar centres of this kind exists in premier institutions like IITs and NITs. The engineering college’s incubation cell is a was conceptualized and initiated by students for the purpose of promoting culture of Research and Development among students. The prime objective is to encourage them to come forward with their original ideas, try and convert them into innovative projects, and research publications or patents, the joint release said.


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