Failures of Vedantu to meet the challenges of E-learning

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Vedantu is India’s one of the most advertised Online tutoring companies which enable students to learn live with some of India’s best-curated teachers, as they claim it. Vedantu declares that its USP is the quality of teachers they maintain. It is a very ambitious claim; we will look into deeper research about its viability. It has some 500+ teachers who have taught more than 1 Million hours to 40,000+ students stretched across 1000+ cities from 30+ countries.

Vedantu is founded by some friends from IITs who have been teachers themselves with over 13 years of teaching familiarity and having taught over 10,000 students.

Vedantu’s online tutoring podium enables online interactive learning between a teacher and a student. It offers personage and group classes. Since it reaches out to a huge number of students, this particular claim by the company to take care of each student mostly comes out to be an overstatement. However, Vedantu furnishes to 6th grade to 12th grade and sets up for school boards, and cutthroat examinations, and has co-curricular courses as well.

Vedantu From where they started

Vedantu: From Where they Started

Vedantu, wherever Veda is “acquaintance” and Tantu is “Network”. This makes the stage a knowledge set of connections in which any apprentice can right to use a teacher unswervingly and ease personalized learning to take rest at any position and at any time. 

It all embarked on when Vamsi Krishna founded his first venture “Lakshya” in 2006 with the lend a hand of three of his IITian friends. The undertaking aimed at schooling students for an assortment of varied tests. Eventually, they observed that the educational segment in India requires an overabundance of dedicated and skilled teachers. Hence they worked on developing such a raised area through Lakshya. The platform was attained by MTEducare, six years later, in 2012. 

Post this began the groundwork of the EDTech start-up we all are familiar with as Vedantu. The online teaching platform was authoritatively introduced in 2014. Presently the podium aims to augment the education construction through its brilliant online EdTech platform.

Vedantu says that teaching progression has stayed alike for decades. The traditional teaching and offline education system are plagued with multiple inefficiencies.

Thus, the company desperately rejects the idea of face-to-face teaching, collective learning, and the culture of a shared knowledge process that has created super eminent academicians worldwide. In fact, the three co-founders of Vedantu are themselves the products of an offline educational system.

However, they declare that teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at Vedantu is to accelerate these transformations.


Vedantu and its Courses: Are they Access Friendly?

Vedantu starts its service from the classes for the KG level. This is however a recent venture of this company. Vedantu is targeted primly from class VI to class XII. It has separated trainers for both CBSE and ICSE boards. Maharashtra board is also given a special provision over here. All the academic streams like arts, science, and commerce are covered by Vedantu.

Moreover, they also arrange for the preparatory classes for NEET, JEE, etc. Both mains and advanced are taught. Children are taken care of by the crucial PIs as well. It is important to note that each and every grade is given space for one-to-one teaching and learning.

Study materials like NCERT solutions, Papers of previous years, Mock tests, sample papers, reference book solutions, ICSE solutions, full coverage of school syllabus, revision notes, and a chalked-out chart of important questions as suggested by the experts are given to all the students.

Although online training by Vedantu is destined to supply a solution to the monotony of classroom-based learning, this is not constantly the case. Many e-learning courses are structured of never-ending texts followed by an extensive list of numerous choice questions that fall short to fit into place the aspiring students. It mostly complains that more than e-learning, it feels like e-reading.

These types of courses as provided by Vedantu mean that students frequently get bored with online training, and this requirement of engagement and inspiration is one of the chief reasons e-learning courses by Vedantu fail except for some special cases of privilege. Students are mostly just not interested in taking the teaching, do not have the right to use the platform, and do not include the course.

Why should you join

Why Should you Join Vedantu?

Although there are innumerable Vedantu reviews online, they may be petite of all the compulsory information one needs to create an informed conclusion in choosing an online tutoring tune-up. Fortunately, there is an in-depth come across that will facilitate you to make an informed conclusion.

Vedantu, as we know, is an online tutoring podium that offers live online coaching for students from grades 6 to 12. The raised area enables students to get tutoring from a teacher of their preference, at their personal fitting time.

The lessons carried out via Vedantu utilize video, auditory, and custom-built white -board expertise, and it organizes students for bloodthirsty examinations in PSA, IMO & JEE Mains-advanced, NTSE, and KVPY as well as supplementary co-curricular itinerary.

Getting tutoring overhauls from their site is uncomplicated. Here are the strides:

  1. You have to download the App on Playstore or App Store and Install it on your mobile.
  2. Please open the App and hit it off ‘Start Learning Now
  3. Now, just Enter Your Mobile No.
  4. To proceed, you can Enter the verification code sent to your number
  5. Next, you need to Enter your name, class, and board
  6. Please have a Choice of class 13 if you are not in customary school classes prior to scheduling
  7. Now Click the ‘Start Learning’ knob.
  8. In the final step, just grant the app location and notification permission

That will fetch you to the foremost dashboard of the app where you can commence learning. Here you are; now click on the ‘Classroom’ Tab to acquire your Free Courses.

Vedantu has applied further than a decade of exploration to discover the best approaches that work for online lessons. The same is applied to teacher range to make sure that they have what it takes to convey knowledge. Looking at their online tutoring analysis and testimonies, it is as significant as the tutors do a grand job of churning out thousands of cheerful students, as designated by Vedantu online tutoring reviews. The tutors frequently do a follow-up of the lessons to make a note of the lessons and lucid any doubts the students may be having.

Reviews of Vedantu online teaching declare the platform is moderately successful, but how resourceful is it? For one, Vedantu guarantees bilateral lessons with authentic tutors online, which is comparable to school tuition. The lessons are tailored to meet the needs of every student in an individual manner.

Students have the likelihood to ask questions and wipe away any doubts and demeanor consequential discussions as well. Moreover, they can resolve problems over time and master their skills through an assortment of lessons, assignments, and mock tests, which appraise them and confirm their concert.

Things to shock

Things to Shock you About Vedantu

It is true that a number of award-winning events have taken the frontline news space about Vedantu. It is also a fact that the testimonies about the Vedantu faculty members as declared by their website always claim the position of the company at number one.

But here we are to provide you with some shocking sides about the teaching and learning procedure served by Vedantu. The first and foremost complaint that grabs the attention is that if you dare to join Vedantu as a teacher; you have to forget about the flexible schedule. You will completely lose your professional and personal life balance. 

It is not about the teachers associated with the company only. The students in fact tell the experience from their guardians that the customer service provided by the company is very poor. It is most likely that you will fail to connect them. If fortunately, you get along, you should not expect much about getting the proper information about the company and its teaching and learning procedures.

The company fails to give any objective ambition in addressing the issues faced by the students or their families regarding the association with the company. The same goes for the tutors as well. Even seven days seem to be very short. They seldom care about basic employment ethics like eight hours’ work. The tutors of Vedantu hardly find any overtime calculation as it will mess up all their speculations about overtime work. 

Last but not the least; the above occurrences are possible only when the management fails to address the problems in such a manner. The unprofessional approach of the management, like almost all corporations, also causes a serious threat to the Vedantu venture.

Vedantu and Its Alma Mater

Vedantu and Its Alma Mater: Reviews and Experiences of Students

Vedantu might be holding the banner of a very reputed company providing e-learning training to a considerable chunk of students; here are some factual experiences shared by the people who have in some way or the other get along with the company and their customer service and management. Have a look and think twice before you choose this company as the best friend of your child.

Other Important Details

Other Important Details

Categories EdTech, Education, Mobile, Mobile Apps,
Headquarters Regions Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Sub-Organization of 
Founded DateOct 29, 2011
Founders Anand Prakash, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, Vamsi Krishna
Operating Status Active
Number of Employees 501-1000
IPO Status Private
Company TypeFor-Profit
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Contact Email
Phone Number +91 9886602456

Funding Rounds

Vedantu has raised a total of $59.9M in funding over 6 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Aug 29, 2019,  from a Series C round.


Vedantu is funded by 6 investors. Accel and Omidyar Network are the most recent investors.

Major Services provided

Major Services provided


  • Class 6 -12
  • Class 13th (Droppers)
  • Micro Courses

Fitness And Sports

  • Fitness Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Sports
  • Yoga
  • Zumba & Aerobics

1-on-1 Classes

  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • IB
  • State Board

Study Material

  • NCERT Solutions
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mock Tests
  • Sample Papers
  • Reference Book Solutions
  • ICSE Solutions
  • School Syllabus
  • Revision Notes
  • Important Questions
  • Math Formula Sheets

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