NAAC Director: Higher Education Institutes Must be Set up in Regional Language

Higher education

National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC Director S C Sharma thought that Higher Education Institutes Must be Set up in Regional Language in each area.

He noticed this while talking at an online class on ‘Difficulties of Higher Education: the street ahead’ coordinated by Sahyadri Arts school here on Monday.

He recommended that the public authority should zero in on setting up higher educational foundations in the provincial language in reverse regions. Additionally, the number of multidisciplinary colleges should be expanded in the nation as opposed to between disciplinary colleges. The New Education Policy framed by the Center additionally advocates the equivalent, he added.

On quality and effect of investigates did by colleges, he stated, the colleges should give essential significance for quality exploration works and creations. There is a need to direct research work that would address the flow issues of society, he expressed.

Kuvempu University Vice-Chancellor BP Veerabhadrappa stated, Higher Education Institutes Must be Set up in Regional Language are confronting numerous difficulties, Net Enrolment Ratio (GER) is a significant test. The public authority should zero in on expanding it in Higher Education, he recommended.

He stated the colleges have the obligation of selecting young ladies in advanced education. Kuvempu University has done it effectively. The current GER in advanced education in India is 26.3%. The new education policy plans to expand it to half by 2035. Brazil’s GER is 51.3%, China-49.1%. India is still a long way from numerous nations, he expressed.

Kuvempu University Registrar S Patil, Sahyadri Arts College Principal KB Dhananjay, Sahyadri Arts College NAAC Convener Siraj Ahmed, instructors, and understudies were available at the event.

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