Two New Commissions proposed by HRD Ministry to replace UGC.

New Commissions
In June it was proposed that University Grants Commission (UGC) would be scrapped for a new higher education body known as Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). This had raised a lot of concern and issues over the future of higher education in India. Prakash Javadekar, the HRD Minister On Monday informed the parliament that there would be two new commissions for higher education In India, one will be responsible for providing grants and the other one will take care of the regulatory functions. The HRD Minister told that the ministry based upon the suggestions and advice received from various stakeholders is about to finalise the bill of Higher Education Commission of India. In a statement, the HRD minister told the Lok Sabha that over 10,000 suggestions were received by the Government from different sections of the society. A separate entity is proposed for the grant disbursal function for universities and colleges that will function in a transparent and merit-based manner through the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Earlier, it was decided that an advisory council headed by the Union Minister will be set up for providing grants to the colleges and universities but this decision was objected by many academicians and scholars that this will increase the government interference in the matters of higher education. Mr Javadekar said
“The proposed Higher Education Commission of India will focus largely on promoting the quality of academic instruction, maintenance of academic standards and grant of autonomy of higher educational institutions”

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