Top 7 Websites for Online Courses

Top 7 Online Courses Websites

Teachers have a huge responsibility on their shoulder, they have to not only teach the students but also ensure that with the changing times they are maintaining the level of education. To make the Higher education in India better and maintain its mark globally, teachers need to advance the level of learning and they can only do this if they are updated with the new methods of teaching available across the globe.So read on our article for our list of Top 7 online courses websites.

Online Courses


One of the best websites in the world for online courses, Udemy offers over 80,000 courses which are taught by the expert instructors. It is a global marketplace which helps people to master new skills and achieve success in their respective fields. As it is providing best service out their, the courses a little more expensive than the others. Despite this, Udemy offers schemes which you could watch for in which it gives a huge discount for joining those courses. It is best known for its varied Business and Technology courses.

Online Courses


Coursera dates back to 2012 and was founded by two Stanford Computer Science teacher who had the visions to share knowledge with everyone across the globe. This idea breaks all the barriers of distance and gives everyone the opportunity to be the better version of themselves, improve skills, have degrees from esteemed colleges in the world and learn new exciting courses according to your likings. The best part about this website is the huge diversity of subjects that it offers courses on. Some courses are also available for free, while others have cheap fees. Only degree courses with official certifications from the colleges are expensive.

Online Courses


With more than 130 global partners, edX is one of the largest online learning platforms which provides courses from the world’s best universities. It was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012 and aims to enhance the level of learning by providing high-quality education for everyone from anywhere. It also provides advance learning through leaning. Not only that it also offers free courses with open edX feature.

Online Courses


Udacity, a well known online platform for learning, initially started as an experiment by two Stanford Instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. It is platform well known for its technological courses, therefore, a lot of companies has collaborated with it. Although the number of courses is limited they are well crafted. Data science is the most famous course of the website which has instructors from Salesforce and Facebook etc. Recently, it also partnered with Google to give free Scholarships for courses on the growing technology and has also launched certain new courses for this project. A good factor is that the payment structure is convenient and pocket saving, as it is monthly based hence if a person wants to leave a course mid-way they can stop paying for it from next month. Udacity’s mission to teach and democratize education by providing the high level of learning is growing day by day.

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The veteran in the online teaching, Lynda has been working from past 20 years to help students, leaders, teachers, IT, designers etc. in developing new skills according to the need of the modern generation. It offers a subscription at a reasonable cost of $25 per month and more than 80,000 videos to learn from on a broad range of different subjects. Not only that it serves more than 10,000 organizations. Furthermore, now its part of Linkedin and all the courses are now available on Linkedin too.

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Skillshare is the growing community that provides online education on more than a thousand courses. The membership costs $9.95 per month and the advantage of getting this membership is that without availing for any course particularly, 20% of the videos are available for all classes. Despite that, you can learn some courses without membership at $20-$ 30.It offers a wide range of subjects with video catalogue format for leaning, in addition, it also gives a workshop in some cities.

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With topping the charts in one of the leading websites globally with 8th rank in 2016, it has helped more than 150 countries to get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees. It is based in San Francisco, California and Bangalore, India and has more than 20,000 connections with companies across the globe. It follows a blended learning approach to provide a high level of education for the learner and improve their skills. It has also been named the 8th most influential group globally on LinkedIn.

So what are you waiting for ? Go look for your preference and learn new skills to re-polish your knowledge with the changing technology!

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