Shunya Is Worthy proves the Team from IIT Bombay


Shunya has its own worth and it has proved itself by preparing themselves for the upcoming 40 day competition in July, team Shunya of IIT Bombay (IIT-B) have made a ground plus one house which is energized by solar technology.

The 70-member team from IIT-B, which will be participating in Solar Decathlon China 2017, is the only Indian team which roaring to play its part for creating a sustainable future. Earlier, the team was involved in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 event, in which they constructed a ground level house which functioned on solar power. Speaking about the earlier project, Supriya Gadre, project architecture, said, “The house has taken the help of passive solar technologies for natural ventilation, lighting and temperature control. And such technologies have made the house ‘made the house proud and the use of thewse techolbgies. This year, the team has worked on the project, keeping in mind the solar houses, designed for the upcoming Amravati city in Andhra Pradesh.


According to Akhil Manepaali, team leader of the project, this project will look into the housing needs of government officials, corporate employees and industrialists. It being a modular house of 1500 sq.ft, would be easy to erect and transport. While the cost of this year’s project hovers around Rs. 4 crore for group plus one house structure, which is much less than the earlier Rs. 25 crore project cost of the students. The earlier house made by this team for the competition which was held in Europe, rests inside the IIT-B campus.

“The ground structure house features over 16 solar panels while the upcoming structure which features one additional floor on the top will have over 32 panels. During the competition the students will spend 20 days in constructing the house and the rest for the actual competition.


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