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Remote Digital Teaching Methods (RDTM) In Higher Education

Due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus deadly disease) the world has shaken. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic situation and more than 120 countries are facing this health calamity.

Many cities have been locked downed, airlines have closed their operations, schools, colleges, businesses, hotels, and industries are closed. It’s a war-like situation and hence to contain this epidemic, in absence of vaccine many innovative measures are thought and undertaken globally such as the “Remote Work”(RW) or “Work from Home”(WfH).

This is being practiced in business houses, IT industry and multinationals and other offices.

This is possible due to the digital revolution and the digital economy. The Coronavirus danger has compelled us to think and act alternatively. When the human race has faced deadly challenges like this it has come out with experimentations and workable solutions to the problem of this kind of gravity.

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Education and the higher education sector too is trying to experiment in this unique situation of unpredictable challenges. This is an opportunity to find out newer Teaching & Methodologies Learning (TLMs) to overcome this unprecedented threat to the social, professional and educational gathering.

On the background of this, I am suggesting a few adoptable TLMs useful for “Remote Teaching”(RT) or what is popularly known as the “Distance Learning”. Our MGM University, Aurangabad has adopted this model and modes suitable for them.

Remote Digital Teaching Tools (RDTT)

  1. Facebook Live Classes (FLC) Teachers can schedule daily Remote Teaching ( RT) Classes daily at the pre-notified timetable of Live Classes to all students of a specific class.

    Normally informing all students the previous day evening is preferable and recommended. The Facebook Live Class (FLC) can be of duration up to 20 minutes. One teacher can organize 2/3 such FLCs every day in the morning and late evening hours. The number can increase as per demand.

    One FLC can be devoted to current situation updates of Coronavirus and success stories about how different countries, people, doctors, nurses, administration are fighting to contain and curb this epidemic as well as scientific knowledge about Virology and research. We can create Google Group and what’s App group for the live queried and answers.
  2. Every day teachers and students can exchange OER (Open Educational Resource) about the subject matter to all students of the class and discuss it digitally and even teachers can give assignments to Sumit by mail / WhatsApp / Shareit etc.
  3. Teachers can reserve some time during the day for Live Chat using social media platforms individually in a mode of “personalized education”. Everyday 4/5 students can be Wechat or telephonic communication like audio/video calls of 5-10 minutes each. In this open dialogue personalize Counselling can be executed.
  4. Every day teachers can refer their students to their own youtube channel or YouTube Lectures by other experts of their respective disciplines giving links to watch remotely and write what they learn from it and mail it to their teachers.
  5. Daily Digital Package (DDP): The teachers can send e-books, essays, papers to enhance the knowledge of students and give them examinations assignments covering their curriculum.
  6. The teachers can assign practicals under mode and methods “Learning by Doing” (LBD) to create something by experiments being at home and share it with their teachers. The best practice of LBD can be awarded.
  7. “Makers Spaces” at Home: Teachers can advise students to create “Makers Spaces as part of Makers Movement” going on globally and have a digital conversation with them how can they experiment at their home using readily available resources materials, recyclable waste and create something new utilizing and out of them.

    Teachers can suggest they concern websites, e-resources and direct them to seek advice from experts across the world readily available to guide.
  8. Teachers can plan and design major research proposals from home individually or collectively as the DPR (Detailed Project Report) to apply for financial support. Teachers can undertake a research paper or book writing plan preparation also.
  9. Teachers can guide the students to work remotely to write collaboratively literature survey or research paper in a particular research area of their respective disciplines.
  10. Teachers can assign a task of Book Review of a recently published book by noted academicians or scientists or professionals or generic books of Philosophy such as Mahatma Gandhi’s book, value education book, book on climate change challenges or e-book understanding SDGs.

Check out the Top Digital Platforms Of Remote Teaching And Learning

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