Providing Accessible Affordable Accountable Education

Providing Accessible Affordable Accountable Education

Dhumil Javeri, Co-founder, Klassroom Edutech, chose education of millions over a high-paying MNC job

Teaching became a passion for Dhumil Javeri very early on in life, when he started teaching physics at some coaching centres as a IInd year engineering student. Upon graduation in 2009, he had the option of joining an MNC which had selected him. But he chose to continue what he loved doing, ie teaching.

Starting with a coaching centre catering to students of classes VIII to XII and helping students with the preparation of exams like JEE, Javeri and his family, including mother and brother, decided to scale up the operation in 2016. The idea was “to impact millions of students so that they get education that is accessible, affordable, accountable and flexible in terms of mode of learning. The entire education system runs on these four parameters.” They started with the premise that impacting even one member of a family through education can uplift an entire family.

Javeri says about the decision, “We are proud to say that we were the category creators for hybrid learning in 2016 when there were only offline or online players. We launched the product in Mumbai. Currently we have close to 150 partner centres in Mumbai, Delhi Pune, Nashik and Ahmedabad.” Javeri calls these physical centres ‘asset-light’.

Along with that, they have 60,000 learners on their platforms, learning from 500 different locations.” He adds, “The best part of our platform is that it’s highly affordable. So someone could aspire to become an engineer or doctor at Rs 5,000 or 7,000 for an entire year.”

Recognition for work

Javeri is proud that their work was recognised by the PM Narendra Modi last January when they were among the companies selected for live interaction with him. During the interaction, Klassroom made some policy recommendations too. “Fortunately, we are working with 650 central government schools and above 600 state government schools of Rajasthan, implementing NEP and training teachers in those schools.”

Elaborating on this, he says, “Since we are working with central and state government schools, all the content that we are creating is completely NEP-ready. It’s approved and verified.”

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