Innovation Key To Go Forward

Innovation Key To Go Forward

Aishwarya Rao, Director – Academics and Administration, The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions, speaks to BW Education about her journey as an educator and more

Aishwarya Rao, who has been in the ecosystem of education for a decade now, believes that the last 2-3 years have been a life-changing journey for her due to covid and lockdown. Rao is deeply vested in change towards progress. For her, it is a passion to be an educator and bring change to the nation.

On innovation and strategies

“It’s is not just in education that we have to be innovative, but it is across the spectrum,” she says. “We must be innovative to deliver content, keep people engaged and move forward. Today it’s demanded from educators, no matter what field you are in and to what department you belong. Indeed, education has now taken new strides; for years we have been following a system that is no longer applicable as the world has evolved. It is paramount that every institution is innovative. We at The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions are innovative in being inclusive – we teach all kinds of learners and everyone is included in a safe setting. Apart from this, every year we come up with activities that are new, so that it keeps children engaged.”

Covid-time changes

“I think there was a shift in importance given to learning, people take things for granted. We all thought, there would always be schools and children. Children will never stop going to school. During Covid we realised that everything is at a risk. The value of time and value of connection has changed,” Rao explains.

Plans for 2023

“This is the first year when we are fully functional academically after lockdown and policies are coming into effect in various states. We are looking forward for putting these into practice. There are a lot of adjustments happening and there has been a shift in our head space. So, this year is one of experimentation, adopting new policies and the changes suggested by the government and see how the delivery of that is going to change and better the life of a child.”

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