Ministry of External Affairs to register and advise Indian Students studying abroad.



The process of registration of Indian students studying abroad in various countries has been initiated by the Ministry of External from this year. The primary purpose behind the registration and compilation of data is to provide advisory facilities to the students in the time of need. According to a recent state governments release from Guwahati, Students Registration Module on the Indian students falling under this category has been placed within the ministry’s MADAD portal. MADAD is the Consular Services Management System.

What is the MADAD module?

MADAD portal was initiated by the Foreign Affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj in February 2015. Before the portal, the government had no data on the number of Indian students leaving the country to study abroad. The module allows Indian students to register themselves with data that will provide useful inputs about the pattern of migration of Indian students globally.

Ministry of External Affairs

What is the main benefit of this?

The MADAD portal can be used in reaching out to the government for problems concerning court cases, domestic help, compensation, cases of arrest, salary dues, repatriation, etc. However, the highest of priority is allotted to cases related to bringing back the mortal remains of any national.

Irrespective of that, the module also provides information about their educational courses abroad, as well as other relevant information regarding their registration for the courses. Further information about the module and the registration initiative is also available on the website of the Directorate of Higher Education, Assam. 

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