Foreign Students Patience Being Tested For Hindi


A year has passed and no concrete step has been taken to teach Hindi to foreign students, especially from the African continent, despite the announcement by Delhi university.

As per the foreign students, their unfamiliarity with Hindi language has widened the gap between them and their Indian counterparts. The basics of this language are also eluding them.

“They say that they want to learn basic Hindi if the varsity provides them with a short-term course in it. It would help them in bridging that understanding gap.


“One student said that he was living in India and has now come to terms with the basics of Hindi, but is still unable to communicate in the language. The other was still finding it difficult to grasp the language. Indian students at the varsity also expressed the same feeling, saying that basic Hindi would help foreign students to connect with their classmates in an effective manner. Unknowing of the language, limits the foreign students within their own groups.

When officials were contacted, they said that this project would see the light of the day, very soon because it is in the pipeline. The decision of teaching Hindi was taken due to a spur in violent attacks on African natives in Delhi, last year. “Every year thousands of African nationals come to India in search of work or to enrich themselves with the education here. But incidence of violence against them are making things difficult for both the sides. Such incidents are creating an atmosphere of fear in the minds of foreign students and degrading our image. It justifies that Hindi is the necessary white stick for these students.


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