Jamia Millia Islamia Denies Any Financial Crunch, Says UGC Released Substantial Grant Recently

Jamia Millia Islamia Cancels Major Event

Students’ Allegation: No Speakers Allowed from Outside

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia have alleged that the university has once again cancelled permission for an event. The events being held in the name of “Shrinking Democratic Spaces in Universities”.

No Speakers from Outside?

It was informed that Jamia had initially given its assent. Even the students were asked to reschedule the event for Thursday. But soon after the permission was cancelled. What more? The students alleged that they have been strictly told that they cannot “invite speakers from outside Jamia”.

The students, however, went ahead and held the talk, with just speakers from Jamia.

Meanwhile, the university said there is no reason for them to not allow students to hold events. Saima Syed, Jamia public relations officer has given the statement that there are protocols which students are aware of and need to follow. They could come to the department head or directly go to the Dean Students Welfare office. She added that Jamia as an institution has never been stringent on these matters.

What Students Allege

On September 12, two second-year students submitted a letter to the Proctor, Dean Students Welfare, seeking permission to hold a talk at the central canteen. They also included the list of speakers. The letter was accepted and the students were told the event could be held “subject to furnishing details of the speaker and the topic”. The students claimed they had submitted the list with details of speakers from JNU, DU and others.

“Permission was granted by Chief Proctor Haroon Sajjad, and verified by Registrar A P I Siddiqui and Dean Students Welfare Prof. Naved Iqbal. Yesterday, we got an intimation from the Proctor, DSW, and Security Advisor that we aren’t allowed to invite speakers from outside Jamia…,” alleged a student.

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