iSpring Days 2023 – eLearning Industry

iSpring Days 2023 - eLearning Industry

Two Days Of Lectures And Workshops Given By Top Industry Experts

iSpring Days 2023 will showcase 13 hours of free lectures, practical workshops, and case studies from award-winning Instructional Designers, L&D specialists, and eLearning thought leaders. Our speakers will share tons of insights on how to boost learner engagement and business metrics with creativity and innovation.

After the conference, you’ll be able to confidently:

  • Boost training metrics and improve your bottom line
  • Build effective and engaging scenarios
  • Design impactful eLearning programs
  • Avoid common course design mistakes
  • Choose training goals that align with business objectives
  • Increase employee retention
  • Overcome hurdles along the road to eLearning success

Check out the full schedule here.

Speakers For iSpring Days 2023

  • Cara North — With more than a decade in the Instructional Design field, Cara has won multiple awards for her learning experiences. She runs her own consulting business, The Learning Camel.
  • Holly Owens — Holly is an Instructional Designer at PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy with over 15 years of experience. She hosts the podcast EdUp EdTech, keeping listeners up to date with the latest EdTech tools.
  • Clark Aldrich — Inventor of Short Sims, Clark develops these simulations for clients worldwide, including Visa, Sony, the Department of State, Harvard Business Publishing, the United Nations, Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Center for Army Leadership.
  • Tom McDowall — Tom is the host of The iDeas Podcast and the YouTube channel Instructional Design Tips. He also runs the company Evolve Learning Design with his wife and is the chairperson of The Learning Network.
  • James Gilchrist — Having spent 20+ years creating learning solutions in the fintech sector, James is now the Director of Lighthouse L&D Consulting, a business he founded to help as many clients as possible understand the value of sound Learning and Development practices.
  • Patricia Regier — Owner of Regier Education Inc. and author of the book The Online Shift, Patricia incorporates the latest behavioral science, research, psychology, and tech trends to empower and engage her audience.
  • Sabire Akay — Sabire Akay has her master’s degree in English Language Teaching and conducted her thesis research on the use of authoring tools in pre-service teacher training.
  • Mary Beth Garcia — Mary Beth has worked with a variety of retail and hospitality clients as a strategic partner, delivering leadership, communications, retail programs, consulting, and executive coaching for a diverse array of clients.

Whoever wants to explore eLearning, Instructional Design, and L&D is welcome to attend iSpring Days.

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Even if you’re unable to attend our live events during iSpring Days, when you sign up, we’ll be sure to email you all the docs and videos of the sessions. So there’s no reason not to register! Hope to see you there!

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