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Innovation And Entrepreneurship

In our modern world, technology is reaching new heights. Virtual and augmented reality are being adopted as part of new education methodology. Students need more than a degree and good marks to excel in life. To drive and ride this change instead of being pushed aside by the transforming world, the students need to gain new sets of skills that will help them prepare themselves and stay ahead in this race. And a major part of this responsibility is shared by the Indian Higher education system. The universities have to brace themselves and develop a management to have Innovation And Entrepreneurship programs along with vocational courses that focus on the real-life skills. 

The first challenge that is faced by the Indian higher education is the rapid change in the kind of practices that were previously followed around the globe. The new era demands better courses, better curriculum and teaching techniques. As most people are exploring the education industry and investing in it, there is an increase in privatisation of education in India. There are many good and bad consequences of this move which we’ll discuss later in this article. One of the best things that the privatisation offers is the innovative courses. These private universities are open to new ideas and emphasis on gaining new skills and promotes entrepreneurship. The other important thing that universities can do is to motivate students to be job creators instead of job seekers. Here are some key points for the Indian education system to work on :


Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Universities:  Private or Government?

The status of the current Indian Higher education system is such that most students prefer a government institute over a private one. This is due to many reasons, one being the affordable education for all eligible candidates and second being the best campus placement it offers. Other than its rich culture and diverse nature, the only thing in which private universities are ahead of the government institutes is due to its innovative courses. The requirement of the youth right now is to acquire not only a degree but certain sets of skills that makes them extra talented than others. And the Central Government has realised the need of change and has now opened debates about creating worldwide universities and talk about the international curriculums, in order to make our universities stand tall beside the global ones.

A student can go to any University but the responsibility for a better future depends on the students too. Therefore,  a student should acquire an extra set of skills, whether through the help of their own university or applying for a diploma for that certain skill or subject. For Example – The University of Delhi (DU) offers each year certain diploma courses that are highly valuable to help the students develop more. Recently, it also started many new job-based skill courses called the vocational courses to focus on Innovation And Entrepreneurship.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Brain Drain: Can we stop it? | Innovation And Entrepreneurship

As mentioned before, the government colleges offer best placements. The IITs and IIMs have given birth to some of the prodigal brains that the world has seen, yet Indian cannot benefit from this as most of these students opt to work abroad. One of the main reasons is also the lack of employment and the pay being less. Due to which the government universities face a lot of challenges.

A lot of students go abroad for higher education as they see better prospects and more exposure in foreign universities.  Is it because they don’t trust the level of education provided in India? To combat this, the universities have to come up with innovative plans and should be willing to take risks with the new ideas. Both the government and private universities have to be competent enough to be flexible enough for this change and make a surrounding where we don’t suffer from brain drain instead people come from abroad looking opportunities in our home.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Research and Re-skills: Our Options

The Indian education system should also promote research programs along with entrepreneurship. The researches give an opportunity to be creative and innovative. Universities should encourage students to take up research. Instead of focusing on employability and worry tirelessly, students should let their creative juices flow and learn new things by taking up researches. Research is the basis of innovation and progress for any economy in the world. The universities should also promote new and futuristic tech courses which can come very handy for the students. They prepare students for the upcoming market trends and increase employability. Courses like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have swept the market with promising opportunities and prospects.

An university is incomplete without its teachers. The teachers should be open to new ideas and new ways of teaching instead of being stubborn about their traditional methods. With the new technologies and techniques, the teachers need to keep themselves updated. They have to re-skill themselves and be open to the constant learning process. Only then the faculty can provide the best education they always promise.

The future is here and now is the time to secure it for better. The Indian Education sector will once again witness growth if these few things are minded and worked on. Not only that, the government and universities should partner with the foreign institution and impart more knowledge to its students and learn from their teaching methods.

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