UGC: No Examination To Raise Authenticity Concerns of Degrees

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UGC said a lack of examinations would raise authenticity concerns of degrees. All states should hold final year examinations.

The UGC announced compulsory examinations for final year students based on the recommendation of the internal panel. After this, the announcement many states denied to apply the UGC guidelines because of the prevailing pandemic.
The Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister even wrote to Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal, after the announcement.

In the letter, he expressed that “in his viewpoint, the July 6 guidelines are not mandatory but “mere advisory like the earlier guidelines”.

A senior officer of the higher education regulator conferred on Wednesday that “the UGC will ask all the states to conduct the final year examinations even if they had announced the cancellation of examinations earlier.”

All States Should Conduct Final Year Exams: UGC

Prof. Rajneesh Jain, Secretary of UGC explained on Thursday that if final year examinations are not held it will raise concerns on the authenticity of the degree held by students.

He added that considering the present situation it wasn’t possible to conduct exams in July. The safety and health of the students is the prior concern so the guidelines have been changed. The universities and colleges will have to conduct the final year examinations till 30 September.

The revised UGC guidelines have also allowed universities to conduct exams in any mode. It can be online, offline, or blended mode. The guidelines for conducting examinations are completely based on SOP recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Final Year Examinations will Provide Authenticity to the Degrees

Prof Rajneesh Jain mentioned that it is very crucial to hold exams of final year students, having said that the safety and health of students is their major concern. Considering the pandemic they have decided to hold only the final year examinations.
He said that the examinations are important. Based on these degrees the students will take further admission or placement. The examinations will maintain the authenticity to evaluate the students.

Jain said, “If you look at other countries of the world, examinations have been conducted in every best university. You can look at the universities of America, the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore. Students were given options like take home, including online, to take the exam. The examinations give credibility to the evaluation of students for a lifetime. From the examination itself, he will get the degree, due to which he will take further admission or take placements”.

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