Education My Contribution To The Society

Education My Contribution To The Society

Born at the cusp of Covid, Prometheus School has leveraged technology to the hilt. Chairman Mukesh Sharma describes the steps that the school has taken in the right direction

School education is going through unprecedented changes, thanks to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, and also several challenges, in the wake of Covid. A school that had its foundation laid just before the pandemic is especially bound to have witnessed a tough time.

Mukesh Sharma, Chairman, Prometheus School, at the 4th edition of BW Top Education Brands Awards shared the journey of his school and said, “Taking challenges is one of the core values of the Prometheus School. We do not want our children to get scared of failures and taking risks. As a school, we did fairly well. It took us only 24 hours to switch to online mode. We deployed many technical tools and one of them was ‘Prometheus OTT’ for conducting the classes.”

Sharma also counted on the other technical tools that help them to figure out the situation like Covid.

He added, “In the online sessions it was important to deploy the right tools so that everyone could collaborate together.”

Talking about the affordability of Prometheus, he said that he intends to start the school wherein complete education would be taken care of by the school and the school would cater for the talented students of the below poverty line.

As per Sharma, compared to the fee at other IB (International Board) affiliated schools, the fee at Prometheus is 25 to 30 per cent lower.

Sharma mentioned that his school aims at unprivileged children who are talented but cannot afford to be educated. He assured that in the coming 3 to 4 years, Prometheus is going to work actively in that direction. He called NEP a great initiative but added that he was looking forward to seeing its implementation on the ground level.

Service to society

Describing the pedagogy deployed at Prometheus, Sharma said, “We always try to help students understand that it is competition versus yourself, not others.”

“I do not consider education as a part of the business, rather it is my contribution to the society and nation that I live in,” Sharma added.

While concluding the conversation, Sharma shared that he sees education as a self-sustainable entity that is shaping our nation.

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