Colleges in India Gearing Up to Reopen After July 31

college to reopen

In the middle of the Coronavirus battle, many colleges are gearing up to reopen next month. They’re strictly following the UGC guidelines for precautions against the spread of the virus. The admission process is massively affected due. The students and their parents are still uncertain of the safety in the pandemic situation.

Resulting, many colleges to reopen and universities have come up with scholarships schemes, hoping this will accelerate the admission for more students. This step has been taken considering the wards of COVID-19 warriors (doctors, police officers, media persons, etc.).

CV Raman Global University (Odisha), Lovely Professional University (LPU), the Chandigarh University are some of the educational institutes offering scholarships to families of corona-warriors.

On one hand where the colleges to reopen in India are gearing up to reopen after July 31 the on-campus classes are going to be flexible. There are many students who have turned to their hometowns in this pandemic situation. And it might not be possible for such students to join right away. Online classes will continue for such students even after reopening.

There are other institutes like IIT, who have taken permission from the central government to continue the academic year through online mode. They are expecting to provide on-campus classes from January 2021 until the colleges to reopen.

It is to be noted that the MHRD had ordered all the educational institutions to remain close till July 31. Until further notice, the institutes will remain shut. During this pandemic situation, online classes will continue to run. The teacher and all the staff members will be marked on duty while working from their homes.  

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