Co-Curricular Activities – Ignored Player of Education

co curricular activities

Education is made of various elements or I call them as PLAYERS like a cricket team.

To form a strong team each player is equally important right?

But is this the same concept we apply to our Education?

Do we give equal importance to all elements of education?

We all know the answer – NO.

Co-curricular activity is one such player we are ignoring. Be this at the school level, college level, or the perception of parents. We are in the 21st Century and the world is growing at a fast pace. The conventional methodology of teaching that was developed during the 20th Century is heading towards embracing the new teaching pedagogy. 

There is a major change in the working of the education system over the years. The primary aim of education is to foster holistic development. The academic curriculum should help students develop intellectual, emotional, and social skills that can be solely achieved through proper education. 

 Prof. Dr.S.B. Siwach
 Prof. Dr.S.B. Siwach

Let’s understand more about this Ignored Player of Education.

What’s the Role of Co-Curricular Activities?

We all know doing things in real life is more interesting and makes strong memories for our brain. Similarly,  when the academicians make a collaboration of theoretical syllabus and co-curricular activities, they are increasing the chances for the students to learn and explore more efficiently.

Though we can’t deny that theoretical education contributes massively to the intellectual growth of a student but, when it comes to personality enhancement based on emotional and skill development, co-curricular activities play a major role. 

co curricular activities

These activities have to be designed with the curriculum so that it helps the student to instill qualities like activeness, self-confidence, and reduce the fear of vulnerability with the rapidly growing lifestyles. 

What Makes it Impactful? 

A lot of you must be wondering why we are trying to BRING THE CHANGE with the incorporation of Co-Curricular Activities in the curriculum. The agenda here is very simple, researches suggest that most of the students are barely having the ability to deal with the practical case scenarios. 

And few academicians still think that theoretical knowledge is quite enough for the growth of the student. 

Does that Make Sense? 

co curricular activities

A student must get more such opportunities to explore more about real-world knowledge. If you ideate to make a student an all-rounder, incorporation of co-curricular activities in the curriculum is a must. 

Trust me, it has been proven that co-curricular activities have improved the academic result of the institutes.

I believe the implementations of these activities encourage students to build stronger relationships at the campus and make them happier and healthier.    

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