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Grow with Google

“Grow with Google” is an initiative that Google has started to further help people in building their lives better in this modern era of technology.

With the ever-changing technology, if you aren’t neck to neck with the changes, then the world will leave you behind. But one thing is sure, even if you don’t know much about technology, you must be knowing “Google”.The saviour of all, Google came with another new feature to make our lives better. Google started an initiative “Grow with Google”, which provides people with new technical skills, platform, building products, business guidance and services to help them grow.

Google has partnered with two of the leading companies, Udacity and Coursera, who provides online courses, to expand this plan and make it reach to different people across the globe. It has also partnered with Goodwill, American Library Association, Digital promise, Year-up, National 4-H Council, Per School.

Why Be Part Of “Grow with Google”?

The best part about this initiative is that it just doesn’t focus on the younger generation. The programs are planned in such a fashion that it can help everyone belonging to different races, backgrounds and age gaps. “Grow with Google” is for everyone. It provides people with free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business.

The Programme is divided into five categories :

1) For Teachers:

Grow with Google

With this project, the idea is to make the classrooms more engaging by giving life to the lessons with virtual and augmented field trips and The “Expeditions Pioneer Program” supports this idea. One could also start a computer science club at your school with the “CS First”, which is a video-based curriculum. “G Suite” is a certified course which helps students with proficiency in essential digital tools. Furthermore, “Be Internet Awesome” helps students with cybersecurity and citizenship.

2) For Local Businesses:

Grow with Google

You can expand your business with the help of Google. Basic thing towards proceeding with this action is to first build a website and be available online for everyone to see. You can do this easily with Google My Business. You can also use “Test My Site” to find out how fast your site loads on a mobile device, it also recommends how to improve speed and how you compare with others in your industry. “Academy for Ads” offers online courses that will help with the use of Google ads tool to achieve larger business goals. You can also avail “Get Your Business Online” project which offers resource and in-person workshop on how to attract new customers, develop online marketing skills, etc.

3) For Job Seekers and Students:

Grow with Google

The people seeking jobs can search for jobs with Google. They can also improve their resume like many students by getting a “G Suite” certification which proves that you have proficiency in essential workplace digital tools. One could also learn digital basics from scratch with the everyday problem-solving system with “Applied Digital Skills” Program. It is a set of video-based tutorials that equips you with practical tech skills, including how to make digital presentations, do online research, work with spreadsheets and more. You can also learn such technical skills with the help of “Primer” which a mobile app which will provide you with the knowledge of making a business plan, a website or marketing online with very interactive lessons.

4) For Developers:

Grow with Google

If you are a developer and wish to stay on top with the knowledge of all the latest technologies available out there in the market, then Google is pleased to assist you with this task as well. Learn with Google’s “The Grow with Google Developer Scholarship Challenge” which gives the aspiring developers an opportunity to sharpen their current skills and master new ones. It includes a Nanodegree training program on Udacity. The challenge includes project reviews, mentorship, and community support and the silver lining is that no previous programming experiences is required.

5) For Startups

Grow with Google

Most of the people are now starting their own businesses and for a startup, it is very important as well as very hard to make their mark in the emerging market. You can do this with Google’s mobile app “Primer” which helps in building and scaling your breakthrough idea with tips, tools, and community support.

Coursera And Udacity: Your Online Teachers

Google partnered with Udacity to make free online courses, which is a first for Udacity, available for everyone across the globe. These courses will focus on helping people aiming for jobs or people in their mid-career. The courses cover a wide range of topics like from helping you refresh your resume to help you with a cover letter by giving you important tips or strengthening your LinkedIn Network. They also do provide with technical topics, and Udacity will offer a “Data Structures and Algorithms in Python” class, as well as a course on using Swift for technical interviews. Sensing the need to skill the Indian talent for emerging technologies, Google announced that will help train 1.3 lakh developers and students across the country.

Google at the beginning of 2018 partnered with Coursera. They announced a new program to train IT support professionals which will teach and test their skills in these areas: troubleshooting and customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, automation, and security. No prior IT experience is necessary. This program will be launching globally and will be in English initially. It is a course for 64 hours of coursework and is expected to be complete in 12 months, at a cost of $49 per month which is the general fee of Coursera. The brownie point this time is the Google Affiliation with the course. On top of that, Google is also offering financial aid to 10,000 people.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and see if you get lucky enough to be one of those 10,000 people. And even if you are in your mid-career then boost your performance rate and aim higher standards of living with these courses as per your requirement.

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