5 lectures on engineering held

Industry Academia Expert Lecture Week in on. Five lectures were held in different disciplines of engineering on the fourth day of the event.

Who All Enlightened The Students


A lecture on national policy and targets for steel production was jointly organised by the departments of materials and metallurgical engineering and mechanical engineering. It was attended by more than 60 students. It was delivered by R K Bagchi, director, National Institute of Secondary Steel Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh

Rk Bagchi spoke about steel making beginning right from the mines and ending in billets. He mentioned that steel is the backbone of any country and also shared the details of recycling scrap.

Lecture 2,3:

Two experts from Hindustan Zinc Limited of Vedanta Group in Udaipur delivered another two lectures. Sanjay Sharma, head, strategic HR projects delivered a lecture on opportunities, trends and avenues in non-ferrous extractive metallurgical industries. On there other hand Ashish, core R&D member delivered lecture on the intricacies of the technical aspects of extraction process.

Lecture 4:

Harkesh, sales and marketing engineer, North India, DUCOM Instruments, Bangalore, spoke on wear performance and their critical measurements. He also discussed the basic concepts of wear, lubrication and described the different types of wear testing done.

Lecture 5: 

The department of materials and metallurgical engineering organised another lecture by Yogesh Arora, MD, FLIPKEYS India Limited, “Challenges to new startups and Strategy to counter”.

Arora shared the memories of his initial entrepreneurship days. He meant to recall the experience he had so that these come out highlighting how an entrepreneur should have immense will power, confidence and passion.

He encouraged the students to put in those extra hours to reach the success. Mr Arora also advised them to see every event and situation as an opportunity.

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