Woxsen University s Executive Council Forum 2022 Witnessed Global Speakers Signing Of Manifesto

Woxsen University s Executive Council Forum 2022 Witnessed Global Speakers Signing Of Manifesto

The 2 day Forum saw high profile guests of honour from around the world, deans, directors, rectors and additionally top C-level executives from the Indian subcontinent

Woxsen University’s Executive Council Forum 2022, a global high-strategic conference concluded today with the signing of the Woxsen Manifesto. The Manifesto was signed by leading certain academic & corporate institutions, who together have pledge to collaboratively work towards solving critical issues in the global higher education system, from the heart of Telangana-Hyderabad.

This manifesto may be treated as a Declaration of Intent and lays down the points agreed to by the academicians of HigherEd institutions to collectively work towards some of the best practices to create a learner-centered education landscape. Further, the following may be adopted by the representatives of the given institutions in line with Vision 2035.

Signatories of the Manifesto were Dan LeClair, CEO, GBSN USA; Nishit Jain, Senior Special Advisor, Asia EFMD; Dr. Bruno Henrique Rocha, PUCPR Brazil; Dr. Glenn Muschert, Khalifa University, UAE;  Evgenia Pashkevich, Institue of Business Studies Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.


Key issues raised

Possible Solutions

I. Environmental Sustainability by bringing down carbon emissions and adherence to the SGDs and   maximum scope of implementation Becoming Carbon neutral and Net zero campus
 Enabling sustainability weeks to spread awareness and actions at ground level.
 Developing vertical organic farming while encouraging students to participate in the irrigation drive.
II. Creating awareness about financial literacy among individuals and owners of small & medium businesses Conduct financial literacy awareness drives for individuals in neighbourhood communities and for small and medium business owners.  
III. Imbibing SDGs into the classroom  Possible allocation of 1.2% of the annual profits for ERS activities that will be carried out by students
IV. Collaboration between industry and academia  Introducing multidisciplinary projects from a critical thinking standpoint. Evaluation and assessment development may be jointly done by Professors of Practice, Clinical Professors, and external jury comprising of industry experts.
 Implementing longer internship periods for up to 12 months. 
V. Increasing Entrepreneurial Intentions among students  Introducing student and faculty intrapreneurship within the university and organizations.  
VI. Imbibe a robust Assurance of Learning Process that resonates with industry needs.  Ensuring AoL awareness for all learners with metrics. 
VII. Implement social sciences and humanities as intra-curricular modules and mandatory credits Embedding learners with a contextual and cultural sensitivity orientation from a socio-psychological corner.
VIII. Embed the curriculum with the digitalisation needs enabling learners to have a 360-degree learning process. Implementing digital tools and tech advancements that may progress liquid learning. 
IX. Provide learners with a larger sense of responsibility and practical leadership while developing research competencies in a globalised market Enabling learners to develop a larger sense of responsible leadership in public and private organisations. 

The 2 day Forum saw high profile guests of honour from around the world, deans, directors, rectors and additionally top C-level executives from the Indian subcontinent. Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President, Woxsen University said “The purpose of  ECF 2022 is simple but crucial. We aim to truly define where we have reached and where we are going in Higher Education across borders. ECF will serve as a platform to also redefine from strategy to the ground activities, to put forth to the world a sustainable and socially impactful educational model.” The theme focuses on fostering NextGen Learners: Vision 2035.

Chief Guest Dr. Dan LeClair, Chief Executive Officer, GBSN, USA opened the forum throwing light on ‘Creating a Sustainable Future for the Society’. He quoted “It’s about time we look at our education or degree as to how it matters not only at a personal level or an organisational level, but at a society level. The education that we impart should ultimately impact the society in the most positive way, and that is exactly what Woxsen’s Mission and Vision states as well. Imagine what it will mean if we empower the 1.4 million population of India to make a difference in society, because that is the power of India – its people, and that is what India brings to the world. At the Executive Council Forum today, we aim to come with solutions in higher education, by keeping people first.”

Held on 20th and 21st of December 2022, the forum also saw Guests of Honour –  Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean, University of Washington, Bothell School of Business, USA; Vivek Kalia, Head of Business Operations, Airbus India Training Center, India; Ranjan Dwivedi, IPS (Retd.) and Former DGP, Government of UP, India and  Nishit Jain, Sr. Spl. Advisor, EFMD Asia.

Talking about ‘Progressive way of learning’ on day 1, keynote speaker Smita Tharoor, CEO & Founder- Tharoor Associates, UK said “Understanding what makes one an effective leaner is key to every student looking at earning their degrees, because learning is no more about rote, it is many things like about emotional resilience, building relations and communication. In the same way we must also understand that we are not just a single story, but are many things. Like we are not just an MBA student or a techie we are much more. How is it that we can manage all these things and still be successful? When we understand this about ourselves we become effective learners.”

“Every job that we know today is getting retransformed. It is necessary for the academia to catch up with innovation quicker and also that the industry looks at employees as lifelong learners. Only then can we truly marry the academia and the industry.” said Dulles Krishnan, Managing Director- Enterprise, Coursera who was the keynote speaker on day 2 of the forum.

Other distinguished who attended the event represented leading organizations like the ETS, EFMD, Airbus, Oppo, Microsoft, University of Washington, USA, IBS RANEPA, Russia, Perm State University, Russia, Khalifa University, UAE, Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (PUCPR), Brazil, St. Mary’s University, USA, Sasin School of Management, Thailand, Business Standard and The Indian Express.


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