We Ensure People Are Job ready Day One

We Ensure People Are Job ready Day One

Abhishek Arora, EVP and Business Head, NIIT Digital, on the role that this platform has been playing in skilling the youth

Abhishek Arora, who has an overall 20+ years of diverse experience, started his career in international trade and then moved into banking and e-commerce space. He has been associated with the online education space for about four years now, which he calls a ‘tremendous and exciting journey’. Excerpts:

What made you join NIIT?

NIIT has been pioneering in supplemental education. When the pandemic struck the entire world, the plan of the organisation was to transform the education methodology to more digitised and online.

And I found this opportunity to be very exciting, because somewhere I also felt that I need to start a new business unit, which is going to transform millions of youths in this country. And that is where I took it up.

Tell us something about the initiatives and programmes that NIIT is coming up with.

If you look at the overall Indian ecosystem, it has been transforming very fast. In the last couple of decades, things have been moving in an agile way.

Once out of school, a student goes through college education and postgraduate education. But when an individual comes out of college, they have a certain requirement of skill. As they move forward and try to get into the corporate world, there is a distance to cover.

It is like there is a bridge from a college to the corporate world and NIIT has been acting as a bridge, where we are able to enable an individual and transform them into new-age technology programmes and skills.

In the last two years, all the individuals who have graduated have been super successful in their domains. And all the programmes which we have launched in last couple of years have been in the new technology space, be it data science, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity-based software engineering or digital marketing.

What is your personal philosophy on education?

I think education at every stage has a different purpose. What we are doing is ensuring that we transform犀利士
individuals. So, we do not teach somebody to work on the job or learn things on the job, we ensure that people are day one job ready and we prepare them for a job that can make them super successful.

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