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Education is not the same anymore. It has witnessed a upgrad in the past years. This change is majorly due to the learn technology like upgrad certificate courses which is upgrading itself every second. No sector of the economy is untouched by the growing technology. The involvement of technology in different industries has changed the working of the respective sectors.  Thus, when combined with technology, education will lead to a brand-new revolution termed Ed-tech.

Ed-tech, as the name suggests, is education and technology. It is a combination of both, thus forming an altogether new world. Today, with the rising technology education, it is not confined to some sort of learning that is rendered in a physical classroom or redesigning the books or training manuals. It is more than that.

EdTech startups or companies use digital technology to provide a new kind of learning architecture. The creators of EdTech stress the enhancement capability of the software and creating a classroom that is different from the traditional one. It would mean giving birth to a classroom where even a simple math problem of the elementary level to a complex math problem will be taught using computers.  There exists a laxity EdTech company, one of which is learn from UpGrad.

about upgrad

About upGrad

UpGrad was founded in 2015 by Ronnie ScrewVala, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli and Ravijot Chugh. It is an EdTech company that offers courses in data science, management, software and technology, law, and arts. It comprises of terms which are equivalent to a PG degree or is itself a PG course.

The objective of learn from upGrad is to empower people to achieve to their full professional capability by offering them an online platform comprising of programs or courses which are created and delivered in collaboration with the world-class industry. Combining with the technology and services upGrad strives to create an engaging learning experience-anytime and anywhere. In simple words it helps make one industry-ready opinion.

UpGrad is known to offer world-class through the computer. To achieve this, It has joined hands with top universities like IMT Ghaziabad, Duke University, Chandigarh University, and many, more.

All the students who have enrolled them for courses have turned out to be happy with the decision they have made. All of them have achieved what they dreamt of. They are basically content with the support they get from the mentors and the especially the training part. This concept of study anytime and anywhere has drastically affected the students today in a good way. With learn from upGrad youth are inclined to upgrade themselves with different skills and courses.

pros of upgrad

Pros of upGrad

Access to Endless Information

With the availability of infinite data on the internet, students get answers to the question they have in mind. UpGrmindsas put up infinite information related to a course that can be accessed by students. All this information will help student get answers to the questions as and when they arise.

Facilitate Long-Distance Learning

UpGrad has tied up with universities all around the world. Duke University, Chandigarh University, NMIMS etc are some of them. This collaboration caters to distance learning. A student with a lack of financial support can sitting in India can enroll himself for a course which is run by Liverpool Business School. Thus, UpGrad has cut down on the place constraints.

Beating Time Constraint

It is always not feasible for a teacher to take a class at the time allotted to them. This basically means time constraints. This has been beaten with UpGrad. A teacher can record a video anytime and post it on the website as and when it is feasible for them.

Likewise, there are students who are learning as well as earning. It is technically not easy for them to catch up to a lecture that is scheduled at a time when they are in their job. Enrolling in a course with UpGrad will give them a free hand to attend the class as and when it is possible for them.

Making Industry Ready Professionals

The main objective of upGrad is to make students industry-ready. They strive to offer to their students’ knowledge which is just not confined to books but also which would give them a practical experience of the corporate and the industry. They offer training manuals, training sessions which would lead to making students ready before they enter the real world of industry.

cons of upgrad

Cons of upGrad

Technology-based Learning Can Hinder Education

People today are referred to as digital natives. The immense usage of computers and technology has transformed each and every person’s way of doing things. Technology when applied to education would give birth to a classroom which would be conducted online. There are students who are tech-savvy and might find it difficult to concentrate in class as they are surrounded by a wide range of digital services. Platforms like upGrad also faces the same problem.

UpGrad has Covered Only College Graduates

UpGrad has is only offering certificate courses which are for students who have done their graduation. There are no courses available that would cater to a school student and also there exists no course for a school pass out. Thus, their main focus is on students who are already graduates. And they should incorporate courses even for school and college-going students.

 Expensive Courses

Many certificate courses running on upGrad are expensive. Not all will be available to afford them. A basic digital marketing course of 6.5 months costs around Rs. 90000 which is a bomb. Not all will be able to afford such a big amount. Course fee structure should be designed in a way so that each and every segment of students can afford it.

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Technology today has entered almost all fields. No sector remains untouched by it. Education plays a vital role in shaping the economy. Because the way an economy performs depends totally on the education. Platforms like upGrad certificate courses have somewhere paved the way for a powerful economy. Students without even going to colleges are receiving world class education. Also, the current situation of COVID-19 where only social distancing is considered as a vaccine, learn from upGrad certificate has made it easy to receive training and education from any corner of the world.

In the article above I have talked about learn from certificate courses upGrad, it is working, and its merits and demerits. Now one has to choose as to whether opting it would be beneficial for them or would be a loss. So, I would conclude it in an open-ended way to let you make your own choice.

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