UGC Asked Universities To Share Roadmap For Online Degree Programmes

Online Degree Programmes

The top-notch universities and colleges in India would offer full-fledged online degree programmes starting from January 2021. UGC asked colleges and universities to provide a roadmap to offer online degrees.

University Grants Commission has initiated the process to start an online degree programme. The top-notch universities and colleges in India would offer full-fledged online degree programmes starting from January 2021. This initiative is aimed towards bridging the gap between the physical and digital divide in tertiary education.

On Thursday UGC in a notification asked the universities, colleges, and higher educational institutions to share roadmaps to introduce online courses. In the UGC’s notification, it mentioned that the online degree programmes will be a “mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming the separation of teacher and learner using the internet, e-learning materials and full-fledged programme delivery through the internet using technology-assisted mechanism and resources“.

As per the guidelines of UGC, “higher educational institutions having an accreditation score of 3.26 (on a scale of 4) and above, or having a rank in top 100 best university category of National Institutional Ranking Framework shall be permitted to start online degree programmes without prior approval.”

HEIs to Take Approval to Offer Online Degree Programmes

It is also mentioned in the UGC’s notification that the university must be in the top 100 NIRF list with at least twice in three preceding cycles at the time of application. This initiative came 5 months after the Union government indicated its plans to start full-fledged online degree programmes.

In the notification, UGC mentioned that the eligible universities can start a maximum of 3 programmes at Under Graduate (UG) level, and 10 programmes at the Post Graduate (PG) level. The institutions will have to take the approval of statutory authorities for the same. Also, mentioned that the programmes should be in strict compliance with the regulatory provisions.

UGC also conferred to colleges and universities that they “may also apply for offering programmes through the online mode, provided they are in existence for at least three years and has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a minimum score of 3.01 on a 4-point scale.”

However, the whole process will take place under proper invigilation and will be reviewed by the regulator.

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